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I'm in love with *insert drummers name here*
BECAUSE I JUST CHOPPED UP *insert breakname* into like 35,000 PIECES!...it takes up allt he ram on my computer and I can't even make a tune with it..because my music software doesn't even have enough bars in it to make a track long enough to exploit all the individual hits!!

OMG!!! I even got some of the samples from the other instruments too!

can someone recommend a soundtrack to lift some spooky samples off of to layer ontop of this song?


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Using guitar pedals as insert / aux (line level) devices
I'm seriously considering going the guitar pedal route when it comes to analog delay, chorus, phaser etc..

I was wondering, am I going to overload them too much? I like to drive my signals quite a bit in the mixer and as we all know, with guitars the signal level is considerably lower. I know all pedals can't handle hot levels very well.

I'm currently considering spending some of my hard earned cash on a Diamond Memory Lane analog delay (BBD) pedal and although they say it has "analog vol
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Insert coin
I'm not sure how long they'll keep it up but

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