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UN Nuclear Inspectors Leave Iran In Outrage
Iran: IAEA Inspectors Turned Away From Nuclear Site, Leave Iran

U.N nuclear inspectors left Iran yesterday after officials refused them access to a nuclear facility, the Wall Street Journal reported (see GSN, June 9).

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors visited the site in March and again in May, but this time they intended to collect samples to check for nuclear material, according to an IAEA report distributed last week.

The IAEA team discussed
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Ticket Inspectors
I swear to god those geezers at Waterloo east are going to get a hiding one day. I showed a valid ticket this morning, walked past them and then get dragged back by my bag suddenly where one of the guys didn't see it properly... I thought I was being attacked or something and swung around and just missed him!! The other geezers jumped in (or tried to, because frankly they looked scared Hahaha ) I showed them the valid ticket again and I was saying that legally that geezer shouldn’t have e

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