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Kontakts interface is tooooo small.
Does anyone find that thyre sontrols are too hard to read after a long session making music, Especially the sample browser window. Aparrantley in the update you can drag and drop samples directly in to Kontakt from the desktop of sample folder..... this is good but I dont have the update no crack available to my knowledge and also this only addresses one problem everything else is just to small and hard to read. Maybe its the colour scheme but im finding this annoying.
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Audiotrak Maya PCI Soundcard + Miditrak 2120 midi interface
Audiotrak Maya PCI digital audio soundcard.
The Audiotrak Maya sound card was especially developed to work with any modern music and audio applications. The card comes with excellent driver support (ASIO 2.0, DirectSound, MME) - that allows usage with virtually any popular application. The driver allows an ultra-low latency (6ms at 44.1kHz using ASIO), so that you can play software synthesizers in realtime. Over the 20-bit DAC, the 18-bit ADC and the RCA-connectors, the audio quality is excelle
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Help, Midi Interface and Soundcard
Anyone Know where i could find a reasonably priced sound card and midi interface for a begginer using cubase on his laptop??

Rob Cool
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Mac Powerbook/ PowerMac G5 / interface recommendations
Ok, looking to upgrade the sorry state of affairs that is my home studio and base it around a Mac set-up.

Will have a fair amount of cash but don't want to waste it on something that is way too powerful and does a lot of stuff I don't need. I'm basically still learning what computers can do in terms of making music, so would be silly getting a top of the range beast that I'm not going to use to its full potential, but don't want something that is going to struggle fairly quickly.

So, looki
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Short Circuit's new interface
Rough teaser pic as posted by claes...

Homerdrool @ the integrated browser and ESPECIALLY the keymap/sample list thingy on the left - GENIUS.

[Image: http://vemberaudio.se/images/sc2.png]
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Question about a Firewire interface...
I'm looking at getting one of these for location recording...

[Image: http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/t...erview.jpg]

I just have one question though...

Those firewire outputs... Will they carry all the individual channels of audio which are going in to it or would it just carry a main stereo output? There's no information on this at all... I would assume it would carry all the individual chann
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DJ Tamsin later on interFACE pirate radio...oldskool flava'
tamsin Wrote:Hellooooooooooooo

Gonna drop em like its hot a lil later.....

Come down to interFACE to check it out !




7-9pm GMT
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looking for a cheap USB/Firewire audio interface
Just to run my monitors from my imac - budget is about 200euro max. I only want 1 stereo pair out and a mic in might be handy) preferably firewire, as i have a spare slot Smile
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Echo Audiofire 2 Audio interface for sale
hey all i'm selling an unused Echo Audiofire 2 interface, all boxed and in top condtion

below is the ebay auction


contact me via pms if you want to buy and i will cancel auction

chars Smile
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Interface Design
A certain amount of syncronicity this evening. Someone on Twitter randomly pointed out this rather interesting article on realism in UI design...


...which I only noticed to read after an evening wrestling with a few aspects of the Sonar interface. Powerful product but damn, Cakewalk's interface team need to be taken out and shot. Ultimately the fix for what I was working on doesn't seem to be documented anywhere and

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