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Service Pack 2 - is it worth it??
My computer's been bugging me about downloading Service Pack 2 and (as with most MS shit) - I'm a bit wary about installing it, I've heard a few things about it not working very well with p2p apps and all sorts - plus, (as it's Microsoft) I'm expecting there to be quite a few initial teething problems. Has anyone installed it yet? Is my paranoia justified??? Is it going to be a big ballache??
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''Ghostrider'' Track - who/what the f*ck is it??!
hello Smile

not sure if this is the right forum to be posting this in, but after manymanymany years of trying to track this tune down, i thought i'd ask the real junglists, instead of b*stard google.....

ok. i first ever heard this tack on the old itv late night 'dance music' tv show, 'bpm'.....it was hosted by dave dorrell and some chick who's name i can't remember, but sure it was a european sort of name. anyway, i digress.

the episode that sticks in my mind most of all featured an int
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Beatplexity - Anyone in the know of using it??
easy..just wondering if anyone knows how to edit the title of a mix you've uploaded, or even delete one if you can't edit it?


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