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Following an internet campaign, more than 390,000 people described their religion as Jedi Knight.

With 0.7% of the population inspired by the Star Wars movie, Jedhi was a bigger religious group in the 2001 Census than Sikhism, Judaism and Buddism.

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Cutting out the Ewok song at the end of return of the jedi!
Jesus Lucas, what the fuck were you thinking?? Wack
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Jedi Mind Tricks & RA The Rugged Man - Uncommon Valor
uncommon valor - a vietnam story


just dug this out....from the 'servants in heaven, kings in hell' album that came out last year.

ridiculously heavy track, vinnie paz verse is nice, but the robotic flow of ra the rugged man is just ill.....and not just speculated words either, they describe the story of his father who was affected by agent orange, survived, but had two other children severely handicapped, one of which died.
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Back to 1990/92 tonight with Future & Jedi.
Ez crew, just letting you guys know that i got Dj-Jedi guesting live busting some real gems tonight old skool style between the years 1990/92. So it should be a trip down memory lane for everyone that was around them times with names like Satin Storm, 2bad mice, mix race & One Tribe its gona be a show not to be missed & for others it should be a history lession in what was a big 2 years in the underground dance scene, with records coming out everyday you didnt want to miss going to the shops to
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DJ Sy "Too Much Sense" + DJ Jedi Remix
This new release is something for the vinyl loving oldschool heads:

DJ Jedi, who runs his Jedi imprint, is releasing a DJ Sy track from back in 1994 for the first time now on vinyl . Flipside comes with a remix from DJ Jedi himself. Limited to 100 copies.



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