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Time centres theory for Jet Lag
An interesting article on Jet Lag from the BBC website

(My first post on the subversive minds forum!!)

Scientists believe they may have found the reason why humans suffer from jet lag.
They believe we have two timekeeping centres in our brains - one sticks to the clock, the other is influenced by cues such as sunrise and nightfall.
Researchers, writing in Current Biology, believe jet lag results when these centres don't marry up.
The University of Washington team believe it
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Rat Brain in a Petri Dish Flies Jet!
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jet li - fearless
WOW one of the greatest martial art's movie's made in the last 10 years, any one who understand's or has read into the philosophy of martial art's this movie's for u!! anyone else seen it what were ure opinion's on the film, oh the fight scenes are very good aswell!!!!
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Photos of Jet Li and Pendulum @ The Savouy, Cork
Hi All,

A massive night indeed.

To be perfectly honest a lot better that I was expecting.
There brand of DnB ain't exactly my cup of tea, but man what a show.

Big up to Elhornet and Verse for bringing down the house.

Click on Link for photos

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jet powered c5
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Source & Jet Li (Phase II / JR) play Nu Killa Beats Limerick
Source and Jet Li - two figureheads of the Irish Drum & Bass scene touch down in Limerick on Friday the 26th of October to play the Nu Killa Beats night in the Underground @ Baker Place.Based in Cork City these Dj's are the main men behind the Phase II Recordings record label and the legendary 'Jungle Republic' annual 2 day parties - a festival of sorts for Drum & Bass lovers all over the country. Source and Jet Li are on the road to promote what is one of Ireland's most unique celebrations aswe

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