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Fanu - Bad Karma

This is preliminary, unfinished (4:33 mins) and all; it's even a bit distorted at some parts, but I'm gonna finish this one real soon.

Just wanna hear what ppl have to say about this one. Eat it up.

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Karma/Arx/X Agenda/Colours/Horsemen NEWS!!!
Loxy's new lable Karma Music kicks off this month with it's first release by none other than Loxy + Ink "Revolutions" b/w "Zulu" look for it in the shops very soon and also expect material on the lable from mans like Gremlinz,Skitty,Stranjah,Outlook,Phobia,Trust,Aspect,Xample,Titan,Alpha Omega,Illfingaz,Mutt and more! In the pipeline aswell is the Karma vs. Cylon Remix E.P. where some classic moments from Cylon's back catalouge get the remix treatment from some big mans!

Look out for Karma Cl
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Gutted (part 2) - bad karma
i'm feeling gutted. real gutted.

two reasons.

we got wheels rolling for my downtempo lp.
art almost done etc, contacting press already, mastering around the corner, etc.
the label asks me for the list of possible samples used.
i send that to them.
they see the list and are massively surprised - to say the least! - about the amount of samples used and tell me that they thought i was using copyright-free samples to make my music (now i'm really thinking, why wasnt this done before
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Following on from Fanu's Bad Karma thread...
a documentary about sampling. Quite interesting

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karma is a bitch
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RELEASE - Plainaudio [pp023md] Alpha Omega - Bad Karma

Label: Plainaudio
Artist(s): Alpha Omega
Style: Drum'n'Bass
A1 Title:
B1 Title:
B2 Title: [url=http://plainaudio.com/ext/pp023md/b2_alpha_omega_-_rainshine.mp3][color=#0099ff]
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[RELEASE] Alpha Omega - Bad Karma (free mp3s!)

Label: Plainaudio
Artist: Alpha Omega
Style: Drum'n'Bass
A1 Title: Alpha Omega - Bad Karma
B1 Title: Alpha Omega - Shades Of The Past
B2 Title: Alpha Omega - Rainshine

Release Date: 2007-04-07
Media Format: 320kbps MP3


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soulTec & Joey - Karma EP out now
A high quality 320kbps version of our first EP "Karma" is available to buy from our shop here: Karma EP

Featuring tracks: Karma, South China Sea, Jah's Creation, Shaanti, Sawayoshi.

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I have seen conclusive proof of karma
i feel joy

in an unrestricted true feeling way

dont want to and cant explain because each life is different

but im blown away, i have seen proof that life is fair, no matter what we think

i am at peace (temporarily?)

life has some justice despite the obstacles and absurdities.

all is well


ben pdx
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Frequency 7 (Surgeon & Ben Sims) @ Karma, Osaka, Japan on 1st May 2010
[Image: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_3acGlojGswc/TB...725218.jpg]

[QUOTE=Surgeon]Here's the recording of Ben Sims and I performing at Karma, Osaka, Japan on 1st May (my birthday) 2010.

The crowd that night were wonderfully open and appreciative, and you can hear them on this recording as direct and live feeds were combined for the final recording.

This captures only the first 2.5 hours of a 3-hour Frequency 7 set as, unfortunately, the recorde

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