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Tech Level 2 = Justin Broadrick ???
Is it true that Tech Level 2 (released dnb on Hardleaders) is Justin Broadrick of Napalm Death, Godflesh etc.?
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Alpha Omega - Journey to The Tenth Level :: Review
Should have got this up earlier but here it is, for what it's worth!

Reviewing the CD I got from Mr. Alpha Omega:
11 tracks:
1. "10 Faces of Death"
2. "Universal Notion"
3. "Shut Eye"
4. "Swingers"
5. "Aztec"
6. "Adjust"
7. "Know How"
8. "Analyse Dem"
9. "Tribalist"
10. "100%"
11. "Far Out"


Ever since the D&B world decided to ignore the sinuous twists and turns of his 1999
debut LP on Reinforced Records (entitled "Journey to the Ninth Level") this produc
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ASIO-level latency with non asio sound cards
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Got my a level results
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Statto in taking advantage of poor level up system shocker
Well last night I had decided to samsh the top score of space invaders (having failed miserably at asteroids and snake at python speed) and realised that after you get to about 50,000 points the game doesn't get any harder and it's simply how much spare time and how much you are willing to let your brain turn to mush to beat the top score..... I stumbled at this hurdle and couldn't hack it....

But Statto has obviously lost much of the former with and sharpness he once had, because you have t
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Low level formatting the HD - bad?
Ok let's face it first; I'm not a computer genius but I've always rocked on with my intuition etc.

Got this Seagate IDE harddisk yesterday (also an external Lacie drive). The Lacie came with a program called Silverlining, which supposedly is some Win version replacement of dos's Fdisk so I decided to format the Seagate with it while in Win; I went for "low level format" as I thought that'd be the proper way to format a new HD.
Well obviously it wasn't - or was it?

The procedure has now be
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amex/Kaiza - Next Level Nature / Shrinz [TILT003]
There has already been some talking, so here is the official info:

The third vinyl release on Tilt-Recordings will be the debut of amex and Bad Boy Kaiza.
TILT003 will be released in February of 2006.

Soundfiles (128 kbps mp3 clips):

Next Level Nature: neuro roller, DJ
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Tech Level 2
I recently picked up HL52 - tempest - by tech level 2. never heard of them before, but this tune is really good in a digital stylee. are any of their other tunes worth getting? they had a few releases on hardleaders.
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[MONDAY SHIPPING] Alpha Omega- Journey To The 9th Level LP
in at chemical! if anyone doesnt have this already, bag it! Icon_yippee

such a good lp, might re-buy it if its stilla bout in a few weeks
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Journey To The 9th Level LP - back in stock at chemical

thought maybe this would be of interest to someone.

definetly a classic among classics. maybe the best Reinforced artist LP next to Parallel Universe (imho).

for £12 i might just have to get another copy Smile

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