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Any Liquid funk / Chill out Dj's on this Board ?
I may be putting a small night together. (early dayz yet) :chillpill
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pics from our liquid baby event last night! rahhhh!
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3 Mixes: 94-97 D&B - Liquid - Hard

I got three mixes up at the moment at http://peligra.netcity.co.uk

For your listening pleasure we have a 94-97 D&B set full of lush choons and busted beats, a liquid set for those summer nights and a harder set with a few suprises thrown in there. Wink

Set Lists are as follows:

Stelf's Birthday Set - 94-97 D&B - Woz - 2hr

Mystic Moods - Music is the Basis of All Life [Mystic Moods 007]
Octave One - Chill Out '94 [31 Recordings 001]
PFM - Language of Lov
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Subversive's opinions on Liquid Funk?

good morning!

i'm curious what everyone thinks of this style of Drum n Bass. do you like it? hate it? if either, explain why in 50 words or less Smile
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Please do not repost these sets (without asking at least) as my bandwidth was killed in under a week last month Icon_sad

(please 'right click & save as')

DJ Freelance - Toronto, Canada

[color=white]1 LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad - Orchestral Jam (Good Looking)
2 J-Laze - Chinz & Grinz (Good Looking)
3 Intersperse - Time Out Of Mind (Good Looking)
4 Deep Blue - Soho Cod
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"WISDOM" Stunna Liquid Mix
Here's a new mix I finished a few weeks ago:

Special thanks to Skeletor and the Irish Drum and Bass posse.

Un Cut - Chinese Silk (Calibre remix)
Logistics - Replay
Child Support - London Zoo
Jonny L - Camoflage
Stunna - Flying high (vip)
Equinox - Together
Calibre - Lightyears
D.Kay & DJ Lee - 1 two 3
Nu:Tone - Feel It
Stunna - Generations
Chris Su - Airlift (Mathematics remix)
Nu:Tone -
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5 ghz liquid nitrogen cooled pc?
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Liquid Body Armor

"During normal handling, the STF is very deformable and flows like a liquid. However, once a bullet or frag hits the vest, it transitions to a rigid material, which prevents the projectile from penetrating the Soldier's body," said Dr. Eric Wetzel, a mechanical engineer from the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate who heads the project team.
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The one like Arnicus - ARNICVSMIX001 - liquid inside!
So, thanks to Mister esb here I kind of decided that my DJ name will be Arnicus from now on, and to celebrate that, I made you guys a mix! Not too tight yet, but hey, never done a demomix before, only livesets Wink

ARNICVSMIX001 - Liquid stylee demo, don't mind the sloppy mixes sometimes, it's hard to record a mix for real when you're not performing live Wink

[size=2]01 Calibre
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Liquid Funk appreciation thread
liquid funk


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