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complete loss of direction???
hi all...right i havent posted much on the forum since ive joined, mainly because i feel i cant really give any advice on some of the musicall issues.......any how

i need some major advice ......

its hard to explain but ill give it a go...

at the mo i feel ive hit a complete brick wall regarding music production....i feel ive lost all sense of direction as to what i wanna make and how i wanna make it????(if that makes sense)

i seem to question every thing i do? pick at things before
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SC - Vol 1 - time to cut the loss ?
So, still around 100 copies left ? Wasn't this the case about a month or 2 ago aswell ?

In truth that 100 are going to take another year to sell (at best)

Statto, I think it's time to cut the loss and sell some onto shops?

Some might even take them for £10. But nearly all would give at least £8 or £9 - and at least you'd recouperate most of yer money.

Make 1 Subvert responsible for the collection of money from their local shop / shops and get the money back in that way.

In my experience - m
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MINDR008 Akuma-Loss of Self b/w Macc & dgoHn-15 Bit OUT NOW!
Thats right people...

Mindrush008 is now out in all good record shops with artwork for you to get your grubby mits on!


A. Akuma -

AA. Macc & dgoHn -

Next up we have Mindrush009 with the massive 'Banshee' b/w 'NIC' from Gremlinz & Stranjah and lots more amen and drum madness coming your way after that!
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Obama's loss...
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Anyone else hate the loss of daylight in the evening?
It really pisses me off that I only have maybe 30 minutes of good sunlight when I get home. I was just getting into a good pattern of coming home, walking/running the dog, and having the kids ride their bikes around the block with me. Now I feel like I am in more of a rush than before to get home.

I have started to run in the morning, without the dog and kids. but I was enjoying the outdoor fun we were having in the evening.

OH...I also just bought a basketball goal. So it looks like t
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Poll loss sparks leadership call

what the fuck does it matter who the leader is, you nobhead
you're just a load of blairite tories whatever
take a good look at yourself and then fuck off

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Muttley - In The Face Of Loss (Peter James, Olafur Arnalds, Marcus Schmickler)
Muttley - 15 MOF Pt.27 - In The Face Of Loss - January 2010

01. Marow - Caph (from the album Scintillation)
02. Peter James - In The Face Of Loss (from the album Holding On - Letting Go)
03. SpeaK - The Sun Resonates With You (from the album Once Nomadic)
04. Drowning The Virgin Silence - We Twist The Sun And Sea (from the album Beneath The Sulfur Sky)
05. Olafur Arnalds - Og Lengra (from the album Dyad 1909)
06. Zelienople - Indifferent D

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