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Science Magazines
I bought 'Focus' in the airport the other night to while away the hour long flight. I found it interesting but not very indepth, even for a non-sciencey and hungover/exhausted bod like myself. It was a bit 'bite size science factoids to regurgitate in the pub in order to repel girls and bore work colleauges'.

Is 'new scientist' a lot better? It looks a bit more serious.

(I really wanted Time magazine for the 'who was jesus' article... but it was sold out)

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Magazines & Online Publications...
would you know of any online publications or magazines in europe and around the world that cover wide spectrum of electronic music. publications that have large readership or are distributed internationaly. to start off, i know there is few people on here that do reviews for online and print magazines. feel free to ad to the list Smile

orson - http://www.de-bug.de
esb - http://www.urbnet.com/electro/
spectraz - http://www.spectraz.com
machu - [url]http://www
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Addresses for Local Magazines / Websites
Ez All,

I am looking for addresses of magazines/ websites in any countries that some of you may think it would be worthwhile sending copies of Rare Grooves to. If anyone could help it would be appreciated



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