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Grooverider couldnt make it, so we booked.............
Author: zinga - Replies: 7 - Views: 712
I hope to make the next BeatJam!
just noticed the next one (with fabio) is during my holiday. seems like an ideal oppurtunity to make the trip seeing as i wont have to rush back for work the next day.

beau c'est leqtour!

reading Scatter essex
Author: SETI - Replies: 27 - Views: 2518
we can make dnb diverse again
well, yeh i still love drum'n'bass and everything it's just too much b.s. both in the scene and etc... i know i'm not the only one who is just waiting for things to hype down enuff to be able to have an audience for music with a vibe as opposed to this hype thing going on... i'm into more downbeat styles at the moment too, but what about the more chilled and intelligent dnb vibes and shit, that's why i'm still vainly holding on to it at all...good music is good music, but a line has to be drawn
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Can music make you openly weep?
i am a complete pussy on this one.

tunes that make me watery......

radiohead-pyramid song
unkle-rabbit in your headlights
palace brothers first 7"
for carnation - smoother.
slint - washer.
rachels - too many to mention.
godspeed you black emperor-again too many to mention.

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art shit and make your own e-cards!
just came across:

http://www.warhol.org - got some cool shit in it, and you can make your own pic's there as well its called silk screening or something - its pretty cool!


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We have had music, now what films make you cry?
For me:
The Elephant man.
Dancer in the Dark.
The Huntchback of Notre Dame.
Whistle Down the Wind.
Watership Down.
A woman Under the Influence.
When the wind Blows.
Cinema Paradiso.
Jean de Flourette.
It's a wonderful life.
The Champ.
Angel's with dirty faces.
The Straight Story.
Ladybird Ladybird.

These are just off the top of my head.
I will add a load later.
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STREETBEATS Unavailable Back Catalog - MAKE YOUR OWN CD !!
soon the entire unavailable sb back catalog will be online to preview in 96kbps mp3 format.

they will be full length tunes.

we will be offering a service whereby users of this forum can select 10 tracks from the unavailable back catalog and we will compile a cd containing those tracks at full quality.

each track included will be at the cost of £1

users will be expected to pay for p&p

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Something to make you feel insignificant, yet lift you up.
i was reading this article


and i thought it was pretty remarkable, the last bit, where they say:

"astronomers put the age of the universe at 13.7 billion years."

if they are talking the american billion (that is 1,000,000,000) then our time on this planet is on average about....

80 years out of 13,700,000,000

if they mean european billions then it's 80 out of 13,700,000,000,000 (or something stupid like that.
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twist 'em out...help make drum and bass big.....
Wave hello

can't believe that the bird from tov is posting on doa asking people...

"support the cause!"


"dillinja and skibadee are providing an education to the masses "

by buying twist 'em out. Icon_eek Icon_eek


someone should have a word Roll
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Why does eating a proper meal make you tired?
Do you ever get it that you start feeling very relaxed and sleepy after eating a huge meal?

Why does it happen? I've discussed this with my homies but they haven't been able to tell me.

Shed some light on this!

Pasty Pasty Pasty

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