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jesus mary mother of christ
i'm so pissed i hope that i get time to recover before spurs get a good whipping again i can't take all this excitement in one day !!!!!!!

3-0 !!
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Jesus and Mary Chain BBC Session


anyone else into them?
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Mary Anne Hobbs Beatless Special
Good to see this kind of thing on Radio 1. If anyone finds a torrent link, or an mp3 anywhere, let me know. I'm listening on the site, but I won't be for 2 hours straight.


Kode 9 & The Spaceape – ‘Nine’ (Hyperdub)
Adrian Moore – ‘Superstrings’ (unknown)
Radicalfashion – ‘Photo Dynasmo’ from the LP ‘Odori’ (Hefty)
Plan B – ‘Skk 2 Def’ from the LP ‘Who Needs Action When You Got Words’ (679)
Rhythm & Sou
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Catch me filling in for Mary Anne Hobbs tonight on Radio 1

Just a heads up to let you all know I'm filling in for Mary Anne Hobs tonight on Radio 1- the poor woman has injured herself doing Aikido Baffled

In true M.A fashion I'll be playing stuff from different genres including pieces by Skream, Justice & DJ Pulse, Martyn, ADJ plus more; also laying down a 30min mix and hearing a special package from Goldie- he'll be selecting and playing some of his personal favourite old skool and inspirational tunes!

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Save Mary!
Save Mary!

[Image: http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o273/...y_help.gif]

The dastardly Barnaby the Black has taken your beloved Mary and put her at the bottom of a steep canyon. Distraught over her affection for you instead of him, he's decided no one shall be with her if he can't. With a twist of his handlebar moustache, Barnaby just blew up the nearby dam causing the canyon to rapidly fill with water.

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Mary Anne Hobbs is a twat

she should be in the porn industry having sultry anal sex not on radio one wanking off over Scorn.
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Martsman played by Mary Anne Hobbs
Having recently been featured on Fabio's Radio 1 Drum & Bass show and Nerm's Electro East show on the BBC Asian Network, Mary Anne Hobbs is the next to fly the Martsman flag by spinning "Halow" on Radio 1's Experimental Show.

You can listen back to the show here...

"8-Bit Bouncer" and "Halow" are out now!!

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[Olympics] Bolt - Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!!!
that was insane!!!! Icon_eek 9.69 sec and he jogged the last 15 metres...
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Mary Anne Hobbs presents Generation Bass- August 2008

For those that don't know, two and a half years ago she did an edition of the Breezeblock called 'Dubstep Warz', for which several producers did mini sets. For this new show, the original invitees selected their own choices for promising producers to feature with the same short set idea.

I've listened about twice and thus far, my favourite tunes are:

Kulture- Diesel (Where are those sombre-sounding
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Mary Anne Hobbs - John Tejada + Ben Sims & Surgeon
a new martyn track from his album too Smile

wednesday 28 january

bullion - 'rude effort' paul white mix (one handed music)
2000f & jkamata - 'you don't know what love is' (hyperdub)
wiley - 'off the radar' (dubplate)
martyn - 'hear me' from the lp 'great lengths' (3024)
raffertie - 'wobble horror' (seclusiasis)
ultrablack - 'velo riddim' (nu urban)
low limit - 'where you been' (dubplate)
synkro - 'my own world' [vocal mix] (mindset)
starkey - 'creature' (dubplate)
durrty good

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