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no spam just good ham (some kinda titty action maybe ?)
philly element tonight ! update sessions

thats right everyone dj tags is now officially 27 so get you and all your buddies to tune in tonight @ ten pm EST bassdrive.com. So come celebrate with us with a nice bottle or a big blunt ! u know how we do.

Tonight Monday June 9th stay tuned into Bassdrive.com for the special shows we got some very special guests coming up from Kentucky (secret guests)

also kru peep this we got live
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Actual Proof - "Maybe We'll Stay" (Fanu Remix)

a remix i made of a tune that isn't actually d&b - it's played by a us band called actual proof.

some vocal business.

96kbps (yes it's crappy but i gotta be careful!).

should come out on offshore Xyxthumbs
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Actual Proof - "Maybe We'll Stay" (sileni Remix)
any audio floating about on the net for it?
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maybe not scientific, but something i've always wondered
how do you wake up automatically a few minutes before your stop on the bus or train or tube?

it happens to me a lot, and it freaks me out!

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maybe you guys can help...
my flatmate is teaching a course on music production, and he wants me to come up with 4 D&B tracks that are well-known and well-produced, which his students could do a talk on.

so far i said:
Goldie - Timeless
LTJ Bukem - Music
Dillinja - Angels Fell

any ideas? remember they have to be fairly well known, so that people who are into D&B (even at a low level) will know them
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asked to cover a friday sesh [statto this maybe up u'r st.]

leet radio Friday early evening - 6pm-8pm http://www.leetradio.com

I’ve dug out the following so far (never turn down a chance to dig em out)

Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto – The Morning After
Neil Howard – To Be Or Not To Be
Suburban Boys – Demon
Terry Baldwin – Groovin’
Blake Baxter – Sexuality
Nexus21 – Self Hypnosis
Nexus21 – Still Life
MDIII – Face The Nation
K.A. Posse – Our Love Stops And Goes
Tiziana – Seduce Me
Anne Clark – Our Dark
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Oh happy day with Sileni Rmx of Maybe we'll Stay!
finally manage to mix it proper (with Matrix - Mute 98 ) Grin

mix opener fo sho! Icon_yippee

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for those who remember when music was dangerous. maybe NSFW
NYHC for life. Grin Twisted this about sums it up.
[Image: http://home.nyc.rr.com/watchthisspace/hardcoredude.jpg]
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And Afternoon of Broken Beat, DnB and Maybe Some old skool
14:00 UK Time

kick off

Expect - Drum & Bass, Broken Beat, Old Skool

This week dnb selection includes

Metalheadz, Inperspective, Subtle Audio, Forestry Service, 3D Mode, Telapathik and more.

Dubs : Double O, Devize, Spex, Fracture & Neptune....

last whistle 16:00 UK Time

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My last online mix for maybe a while
Right, I'm currently in the process of moving house and, as a result, will be running around like a blue arsed fly for a couple of weeks and without broadband and decks for a bit longer, so this will be my last mix for a while, it's kind of a sequel to the Shirt and Tie session mix I did a while ago, similar in vibe - kinda choppy with a few rollers dropped in, and deeper than a big well! Hope you enjoys!

Fracture and Neptune - The Ice Planet [Outsider]
D-Bridge - Love's Ugly Child [Soul:r]

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