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Anyone have a Nord Micro Modular for sale?
i want one so bad.....

i dtill really want an old akai too. and an SP-1200, but thats another story.

im getting soooo bored with software & VST's. dont get me wrong, ive had some great times with plug-ins, its just im getting back in to old skool stuff in a big way. i cant help it, my brother keeps playing me hip hop.
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micro d&b / twerkstep
I recently found this blog entry about a style of d&b which is influenced by microhouse. I especially like
Does anyone know other tunes in this style?

The HIAF Rough Guide To: Micro-D&B
01. Eight Miles High – “Flow Chart” (Klang; 1996)
02. Tundra – “
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Kenlet - Micro Consulting Site. Great Idea!
What is Kenlet?

Kenlet is a marketplace where experts can offer high-quality answers to answer-seekers and get paid.
What can I do on this site?

1. You can ask experts questions, if you're seeking expert advice.
2. You can answer questions if you have an area of expertise.
3. You can forward questions to experts you know and get a referral fee.

Why should I be on this site?

1. To earn money.
2. To get high quality answers from experts who can answer questions easil
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mix: cygn - micro puncture (february 2006)
[Image: http://www-user.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~friedel/...eblack.gif]
This mix was inspired by this thread on subvert central:
micro d&b / twerkstep.
I mixed lots of dnb tunes with microsamples and some minimal/microhouse by twerk, murcof and others. So it's a bit more experimental than usual. Rainbow
The mixing was done live with ableton live.

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Micro Live - Computer Music in 1985


ps, im in love with Lesley Judd Homerdrool
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non dnb///some micro beats

click on the noise image Grin
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Korg micro controllers
Anyone ever used any of these?
Quite interested in getting the small keyboard and control thingy as they look pretty cool and they're only £50 each.
So just wondering what the general build quality and usablilty is like

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Juno 1 and obscure BBC Micro synth on ebay

  • Roland Alpha Juno 1 with Roland soft case
  • 2x BBC Model B computers with FDDs and Cub monitor
  • Hybrid Systems / Acorn Music 500 synthesizer, for BBC micros, sold as seen.
Bought the Music 500 some time ago (sold to me as working) but never got anywhere with it. Either my 5.25in drive isn't working, or the floppy with the software on is knackered - that's the only 5.25in floppy I

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