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My IE browser keeps crashing, every 5 minutes.
i've reinstalled and it's still doing it.. any ideas people??
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The Angels Fell - 7 minutes to go
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J Majik - Jim Cutta £3 with 4 minutes to go

j majik - jim cutta / needlepoint majik (metalheadz 013)

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Subvert Central Is Going Down within the next 30 minutes
in order to facilitate moving servers.

please be patient as the whole move may take a few hours.



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AIM minutes from the last HQ online promoter discussion.
as you know three of us promote HQ, we try and link up every week online to discuss who to get.

since we couldn't manage to link up this week, mattrick decided to guess what we would have said.

so here goes.


Hmmmm well we didn't manage this aim meeting this week, but I imagine it
would have gone something like this anyway:

DJChemical: so gals, who do we want next?
Funkcontroller: teebee
DJChemical: loxy + keaton
Manikular: cheditzzzz
Funkcontroller: teebee
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Macc LIVE on Radio 101 in 20ish minutes.....
just found out this station streams live....

i am in the studio now, should be starting my set in 20 minutes or so. not played for three weeks though, should be funny............. Icon_eek

link - http://www.radio101.hr/

click live stream and away you go.

Nervous Drums

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Rise - The MACC Tribute Mix (128 kbit / 60 Minutes)


1. Alternate Misery
2. Breakneck
3. A Message From Weird
4. Drum Day
5. Hallucination First
6. July 39th
7. Murphy
8. The Drummer
9. Voices
10. Encounters (Macc, Fracture & Neptune)
11. Splanchnic
12. Longtallsally
13. Old Painless
14. Its Cold Inside
15. Further Than Nowhere
16. Empty Instrument

download mix at:

Thanks Macc. Enjoy everyone.
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old Klute for £1 ending in 8 minutes
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Static Wave - from ambient to jungle in 12 short minutes

Static Wave - new tune from the Blunt one.

Kind of a big mixture of all sorts of styles that kinda sound like something whole, spread out over 12 minutes, ranging from ambient atmospherics to deep jungle, sort of.
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New Sheik-mon Mix "Summer goes melodic" 74 Minutes
[Image: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y78/dsh...005art.jpg]
-Art by David Tagg http://www.electronicdiversity.com

1. Omni Trio – Rogue Satellite [Deep Blue Remix] (Scale)
2. Drum Origins – Right Now (Fokus)
3. D Kay & Dj Lee – Rain (Dogs On Acid)
4. Basic Operations – Caulker Sunrise (Advanced)
5. Break & Hydro– Immaculate (Quarantine)

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