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Top posting users so far this month!!
1.Blue 114 19%
2 strike 100 17%
3 Fanu 80 13%
4 Statto 53 9%
5 Altered Ego 52 9%
6 Naphta 45 8%
7 Stacks 43 7%
8 Formula Inc. 38 6%
9 bobule 36 6%
10 B 32 5%

a massive well done so far to Fanu & B Spank & Stacks


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it's Statto's throw money away month
the last bus left early and I had to spend another £13 on a taxi

that's £80 spent on nothing so far this month


never get out of the boat, never get out of the boat
too damn right
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my first box in well over a month :pieter heavy:
got me a nice little pieter k box from bbs.
finally found "everything all the time" on lp
as well as getting
pieter k ep on thermal
pieter k - saturnine 12" on bbs

and mister brett was nice enough to shoot me
the seba 12". the record sounds soooo crisp Xyxthumbs

shit thursday may even be good enough for me to get
my box released at redeye (been building that one for
well over a month too)

thank god for all the amazing things on dub right now or
my shows would have no new content
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2xCD My Bloody Valentine Comp Due Next Month
Remastered EPs + 8 unreleased songs Grin

Also on Pitchfork news: From Monument To Masses are coming to europe this summer Icon_yippee Icon_yippee Icon_yippee
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my phone bill this month is ......

and i work for the firm Icon_sad

Author: Spex2k4 - Replies: 0 - Views: 83
Album of the month (for me anyways). FREETEMPO
Not sure if anyone would have had this before me, but only recently found out about it. check the link below

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How much do you spend on records every month
How much do you spend on records every month on average??

i spend between 100 - 180 Roll

and i dont even play out, im just a sucker for collecting tunes i like..
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Herbal now have a permanent DVD projector installed.....

NE idea's for films?

Ideally you want films that have alot of night/dark for good effect in the club I think....e.g PITCH BLACK (hmm not a bad idea Smile )

For a whole night we'll need at least 3 films.....

Suggestions I like so far.....

AVALON (fucking dark film)
Author: linus - Replies: 6 - Views: 784
MC Required Reading Area every 1st wednesday of the month
MC Required Reading Area every 1st wednesday of the month

as it says we dont want another skibba but more somebody who can host.

hit me up on AIM : phatcontrollers
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no more valve nights first weds of the month ..
quote from liquidfunk.co.uk

with no more big bad bass parties being hosted by the valve camp, dillinja has few regrets about the short lived plastic people residency, 'the owner kept telling us to turn the sound down. that's not what it's all about. it was starting to become big bad treble'.

i didn't realise this had been pulled .... not that i was ever gonna go that particular day of the month Wink Xyxthumbs

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