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More shit going down on DOA
More shit going down on DOA - I cant believe this one -


any positive replies supporting Blues / Streetbeats quality of music would be well appreciated

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Yet more film news .........
In case any of you are intrested in getting in the mind of Rob Zombie try this for size looks like it will be a quality film.


Although Unsane kept it very quiet that he was going to be in the film

[Image: http://www.houseof1000corpses.com/main/g...ding-1.jpg]
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More retrospective laughs from the Goatboy...
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itching for more bitching
any analog synth freaks here?
im looking at getting a sibling for my sequential circuits pro-1. but am not sure what to go for. sh-101 seemed the obvious choice, but it only has 1 osc and im quite in to the idea of a analog with memories...

sequential sixtrak anyone?

pls discuss!
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i need to post around these parts more often
but i can't think of a subject!??!

let's just have some free discussion.

nice day we're having, how about those local sports teams
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Are you becoming more submersive??
What I mean is do you find yourself becoming more conformist as you get older?? You would think that you go through your rebellion stage when you''re younger and grow out of it....but with myself it seems the opposite is true. All my friends are settling down; getting married, buying flats, tucking their shirts in etc and I just find myself more cynical about stuff and more keen to adventure, meet crazy people, generally to experience the different and interesting side of life rather than sit in
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Nothing makes you feel more free than??

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More lookalikes
Author: Statto - Replies: 8 - Views: 813
FAO Blue & Aurora: more on El Son
ok, never mind intellectual music criticism — i think i'm right, but that doesn't really matter. more importantly, here's how i feel about el son...

i love this record. that's not a thrown away "i love it" comment. i mean i love it. it makes tingle all over, makes me glad to be alive just so as to be able to listen to it. :d :d :d

to play it to someone and have them slag it off — worse still laugh at it — makes me really quite upset. Sad2

the only other dnb record to aff
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No more Droppin Science
And I just finshed a track to send to Danny Breaks...!

What a pile of shite.

This music fucks me off. I've really had it with the people who run it.

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