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Fuck! My room is the musician's nightmare
Haven't realized this until now.....

This flat is unbelievably warm already and it's just about springtime here......
If I keep my window open, it hardly even makes the temperature of my room any cooler plus it lets LOUD and ANNOYING street noise in to my room.
Believe me, the street outside my place is well fucking busy every day - not just weekdays.
If I DONT keep the window open, the air gets so....erm.......what do u call it......musty? stale?
That makes me very tired and all peeved,
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Is squarepusher the greatest electronic musician ever?

ive now listened to Tundra & Port Rhombus. Last night i listened to Hard Normal Daddy too.

i think he is up there man... i mean, sure AFX started it all, and is probably a bit more technical.. but as far as 'songs' are concerned i think Squarepusher edges it.

i get this funny feeling when i listen to squarepusher that no other artist gives me (mainly; You fucking cunt!!!). So, i think for me.. he is god or someshit.
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Ugliest musician ever
Doesn't get much worse than the mighty Shane McGowan

[Image: http://media.collegepublisher.com/media/...i7k4xy.jpg]
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tunes thats shaped you into the musician you are
what got me into all this music was Outta Space by the prodigy, but the tune that will always give me shivers down my spine is hands to heaven by internal affairs just sooo ahead of its time in 1993, marc mac and dego Icon_sad where have you gone lol even though they dont make hardcore or jungle or dnb anymore their jazzy tunes are juss sooo amazing tons of talent oh yea and goldie lol
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What do you do when another musician takes your name?
My buddy, Justin, who is the other half of my group, "The New Law", is out for the week on vacation. So, I can't consult with him on this for a little while. He's the accountant/legal dude and knows a lot more about this stuff than I do. But anyways, I just stumbled upon this....


If they were a somewhat cool band, I'd be fine with working something out. But no, I'm not letting these guys step on us. Hahaha

So... what's the usual proced
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Musician id help
ok so i have been searching here and googling and have had no luck...

basically trying to find out about an album that found its way to my ipod which i listened to last night on my way back from medium

"songs by tumbleweed" or something....just awesome atmospheric piano music, im sure it was someone here that pointed me in the direction of this stuff..

Were can i find more info?, when i google i get no luck Icon_sad
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Steve Reich - Piano Phase (1 musician 2 pianos)

Pretty damn cool! The bits where it sounds reversed! Insane. Bit of a headache after a while but you have to admire the sheer skill.
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Young Musician of the Year 2012
Anyone watching this? Wave

And in particular see the crazy piece for tuba that someone played?

It was splendid Grin
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BBC Young Musician 2018

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