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you must check this out...
american government trading cards...


oh my gosh, i haven't laughed so much in ages.
Author: Unsane - Replies: 11 - Views: 840
Now I have your attention.
Author: subvert - Replies: 19 - Views: 3542
move it to the crapper if you must, but enter first.......
ooooooo laaaaa laaaaaaaa

now where are those gooners....

theyve gone all quiet....so unusual for them....

and what was the quotes from wenger and the rest early in the season - we will make it thru the entire season without losing a single game ???

Author: Altered Ego - Replies: 22 - Views: 1660
Apologies must go to ..........
The following people ....

Matt + Girlfriend
DJ Flight

All suffered from my terrible terrible behaviour last night Wink Cool

Yes i did somehow get on the road to drunkeness even at those prices.

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I must be a proper loser.........
.........this is my hundredth post in around two weeks.............


although most of them were in the alan partridge thread :alan: :d

nice to be here, though, a very nice place to discuss all sorts of music.

[alan voice] superb [/alan voice]


Wave to all....
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life really is quite nice i must say
-i have my can records
-i have have my neu records
-i have my ashra temple records
-i split with my girl of 2 years
-i spend a month in hermit mode
-i finally go out to see that i have been missing alot!
-i realize my ex is not the be all - end all

..........i love single life!

drunk rant over!

let's roll this SC shit now Wink

#let's hope i don't start producing.........or it will all sound like
sped up krautrock!

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We Must Do What We Can
We Must Do What We Can
By Diane Harvey
John Kaminski´s essay "What Do We Do?" states our collective predicament succinctly, comprehensively, and with poignant accuracy. He asks all the right questions, and he asks them in the right way. Since creative thinking can only arise from the way in which questions are framed in the first place, this is half the battle. Ultimately, the very answers we seek are hidden away inside the quality of the questions we ask. The problem is
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Drum & Bass Vinyl Clearout - Everything Must Go !!!
down to the last 50 tunes - starting prices reduced on all records -

many bargains to be had !



Looking Good/Liftin' Spirit to name a few...

click on the link to view -

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must buy tunes of recent times.
i've just cashed in some shares and i need to get my record buying habits back again.

i've not bought anything in the last 3 months. what do i *need*

btw i get all the load media stuff sent to me so it's just other distributors.

thanks in advance.

ps my fave styles are rollers/dubwise/breaks you know the drill Icon_razz
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Some of you may have seen this already, but it deserves to be seen...


[color=yellow]Originally posted by Avoidinertia
I have a concept.

I'm going to become an MC.

My name will be MC STFU.

I will begin by playing clubs and parties for free, but only for the first five times until my name becomes known, for I have A Gimmick.

My Gimmick is this: I will be given a mic but it will not be plugged in. I will stand up onstage doing all the important things an MC does

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