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Law vs Nayf - Big Feet Have No Rhythm mix
The idea of this is is that as I can't actually mix, I get some poor fucker to do it for me. Here's Law, which is pretty much the majority of my taste in music. Big up to the man for mixing it, and all that sail in him.
ENJOY = AND LEAVE FEEDBACK! I've pimped enough DOA mixes over there...
DISCLAIMER: Some of you may have already seen this, some may have not, oh well.


01.. Bad Company - Ladies Of Spain - BC Recordings
02.. Break & Hidr
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Ripon vs Nayf - More techy than I realised
Mixing by the super talented Ripon, tracklisting by me.

Uncompromising selection as someone described it.

Intro: Radiohead: Like Spinning Plates
1.Dom & Roland: Future Life
2.Digital: Waterhouse Dub
3.Teebee: Rave Alarm
4.Silent Witness: Block
5. J Majik: Your Sound
6.Source Direct: Complexities
7.Senses: Darker Self
8.Breakage: Untitled Jungle
9.Optical: Moving 808s
10.Optical & Rhymetyme: Twisted
11.Future Cut: Bloodline
12.Kryptic Minds: In a Dream
13.Ed Rush & Optical: Spl
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The latest in a series of ambient mix/compilation type thingys.
198MB / 2hr20m-ish / Designed for long solo car journeys.
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6R7GLGS8
DOWNLOAD LINK 2: http://rapidshare.de/files/45694674/Nayf...x.mp3.html
Feedback gratefully received.


Tracklist for those sans images:
A. Guess
1. S!gnl: Where You Are
2. Amorphous Androgynous: The Wicker Doll
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***Sam KDC & Nayf - Poet's Intuition / French Connection [AM

Sam KDC's Poet's Intuition and Sam KDC and Nayf's French Connection, released on Amen Brothers records, is available from all good download stores now!

Poet's Intuition leads off with delicate chords and precise sharp beats, builing to a rough and rugged roller, while French Connection provides slightly leftfield yet dancefloor-friendly old school synths and deep rumbling bass.

Audio and suitable places for your fundages are revealed below - enjoy!

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Nayf Presents: Realisation - New Mix For Easte
Ambient soundscapes and electronica collide with acoustic guitar wibblings.
Tracks from the likes of Portishead, Burial, Boards Of Canada and more.
Additional sampling and production scavenged and applied by my good self.
Be sure to check my previous ones, available upon request...
150MB ish, 1hr30mins


1. Machinefabriek: Fonograaf
2. Biosphere: Birds Fly By Flappin
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nayf Summer Mix Underworld/Orbital/Sigur Ros
After the last mix, something a bit more cheery and less beard-stroky and obscure.
All sorts of flavours, all sorts of moods. Feedback welcomed. From drum and bass to downtempo electronica, from classic Tesco Techno to dubstep, and all sorts in between.

Filesize: Around 230MB
Length: Two hours (and a bit)
DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.sendspace.com/file/6b6c4k

INTRO. Radiohead: Like Spinning Plates
1. Proem: Negativ Reinforcements
2. 2562: Greyscale
3. Venetian Snares:
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nayf presents: From the other side of the window eclectic mix
September mix for your consumption. Again a mix of styles, from acoustic guitar to dubstep, from ambient to trip hop - even some jazz. Starts off a bit glum but brightens. From there - up to thee to find out.
You can download some of my older mixes by clicking on my soundcloud profile. If you like this one, check out the realisation mix (as no-one really has). Feedback welcome. Additional sampling and synth wibblings by me.

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nayf presents: One Night In Wisbech mix dubstep wonky ambient
n this blend it's a mixture of modern funk I send, drawing various sounds from the dubstep, wonky, big beat, ambient and trip hop grounds. Basically this mix is audio representation of a night in that town, the music was completely different, it gave me a frown. However, here's what that night felt like in audio form, encompassing all styles from cold to warm. So download and give it a crack, and don't forget to leave feedback.

Length: Two hours and a bit
Size: 220mb

1. Moun
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nayf presents A World Behind Glass (ambient downtempo mix)
Inspired by wintry living rooms of yore, daytime television, using television remotes as imaginary spaceships and all the things in between. This one is CD length, so you can listen to it while going from A to B...
Additional sampling and production by me.
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://soundcloud.com/nayf/nayf-a-world-behind-glass
1. The Advisory Circle: Mogadon Coffee Morning
2. Araya: Our Secret [0.02.52]
3. Aphex Twin: Fingerbib [0.06.31]
4. Arovane: Torn [0.10.04]
5. Arovane
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Welcome To The Hinterlands (a mix by nayf)
A varied mix with something for everyone, from guitar-based delights, whimsical dubstep and everything in between.
Music for when it's just you and an empty, orange-lit motorway...
LINK: http://soundcloud.com/nayf/nayf-welcome-...interlands

1. Consequence: Feeling Like We Do
2. Rooflight: In Your Hands
3. Burial: Broken Home
4. Scuba: Negative
5. Thisquietarmy: Blackhunter
6. Skallander: Surviving In 45 Below
7. Thom Yorke & The Posies: Blow Out (Acoustic

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