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New Streetbeats Website Launched
if you are here, reading this you probably know about the new website......but you may not have had chance to check it out properly.........

after several months in development, the all new streetbeats music group site has gone live.

the portal page at http://www.subvertcentral.com is the new epicentre for information about all that goes on with streetbeats and associated projects.

the first stage of expanding the site network covers our drum and bass labels, streetbeats, noir, an
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New Forum Crew: Listen to my tune please :)
Author: Tendai - Replies: 4 - Views: 1732
Looks like a new place for me to wreck havok!!!!!
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OMG - Fracture & Neptune's new Amen Workout
quite simply the sickest amen track i have heard in years. ..

big isn't the word

bring on the 28th... i can't wait!
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new nike advert
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OK, IM New
Easy everyone

I crashlanded on this site via a PM from Scope on Dogs On Acid, I go under the name of Kase-One on there, an interesting site, will properly check it out as soon as my boss fucks off to lunch (on the snide)
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I'm new too
ez all. What's this board about? Anyone else from DOA? :rasta:
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New Ranking System...
To bring it more into line with the theme of the forum.....

Special Ranks:

Almighty Zeus ----- Site Administrator
A God
Angel Of Vengeance
Currently A Rush Fan

Standard Ranks:

I Just Pop In ----- 0 posts
Down With The Cause ----- 100 to 499 posts
You Can Call Me 'A Head' ----- 500 to 999 posts
Deadly Serious ----- 1000 to 2999 posts
Subversive ----- 3000 to 4999 posts
God Like Creature ----- 5000 to 6999 posts
Demi-God ----- 7000 posts and above

Respect to mr blue for com
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BE AWARE! -> New users please read!!!
welcome to the new underground resistance forum.......

this forum has been created solely as a place for discussion relating to real issues that any subversive should be aware of..............thus the scope of this forum is absolutely massive...........

we'll try and keep this forum bang on point with issues, and use subvert central as the general hangout....

remember there are many many things not portrayed at all, or portrayed entirely innaccurately by the mass media. we hope this for
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The New War Against Terror - Noam Chomsky

Noam says..

Everyone knows it's the TV people who run the world [crowd laugher]. I just got orders that I'm supposed to be here, not there. Well the last talk I gave at this forum was on a light pleasant topic. It was about how humans are an endangered species and given the nature of their institutions they are likely to destroy themselves in a fairly short time. So this time there is a little relief and we have a pleasant topic instead, the new war on terror. Unfortunatel

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