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More violence at garage/r 'n' b nights
Author: beckett - Replies: 6 - Views: 901
Any Regular Drum and Bass Nights In Preston??
Author: esb - Replies: 18 - Views: 679
Monday Nights 11pm-1am : Unwind Radio Sessions : ESB
[Image: http://www.firteen.com/articles/justinsmullet/bang.gif]

monday night : 6pm-8pm EST
*click above to access*

date:monday aug/18/03
time:6PM-8PM EST/11PM-1AM GMT
url: www.club246.com
selektors:ESB [urbnet/precision]

Well well! Tune in for the 31st edition of the Unwi
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A new concept in jungle nights
after a lengthy and drawn out debate with my mates we are finally putting on night with no MC's! I'm so looking forward to them not ruining perfectly good tracks as their flow stops when I drop anything out of the ordinary. Have any of you tried this before? I doubt it's a totally original idea but something needs to be done about all this "diggidydiggidyDJ" nonsense...
Author: linus - Replies: 7 - Views: 311
friday nights 87.5 trilogy FM with me
yes gonna be representing every friday 9 -11pm 87.5 fm

trying to do a non bo selecta show

woo hoo
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setlist from last nights FM show on Club246 Radio
playlist for feb-09-2004

hour 1 - esb in the mix
1 - accidental styles - space funkt - dub
2 - danny breaks - solar jive - droppin' science
3 - equinox - acid rain (breakage remix) - inperspective
4 - accident & emergency - operation chair transplants - looney toonz
5 - digital - get away - bassbin dub
6 - dkay & epsilon - space quest - soul:r
7 - outlook - blaze funk - dub
8 - digital - informa - phantom audio
9 - density - night falls - punctured light
10 - spirit - soul survivor
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Bootie Nights fotos
For anyone as bored as me at work(they should be work safe), enjoy. I figure this forum has lacked my useless post for too long.


Bootie nights a is annual party a mate of mine does. Its pretty fun, even considering its lack of any sort of musical integrity.
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Music for summer (nights)
Lonnie Liston Smith. Any album.
Sounds so summer-nighty, there's no other.

What u guys feeling atm?
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Give Feedback to the Swiss referee from last nights game

The site is taking ALOT of hits right now, so you may have to wait til later to get on it,

bit apparently feedback is welcomed.....

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no more valve nights first weds of the month ..
quote from liquidfunk.co.uk

with no more big bad bass parties being hosted by the valve camp, dillinja has few regrets about the short lived plastic people residency, 'the owner kept telling us to turn the sound down. that's not what it's all about. it was starting to become big bad treble'.

i didn't realise this had been pulled .... not that i was ever gonna go that particular day of the month Wink Xyxthumbs

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