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Sexual deviance from the "norm"
[color=cyan]I dunno if this is way off the mark for a Science topic...please tell me if it's weird or whatever adn I'll move it to the crapper...

You know how we are all meant to fancy people (for procreation) according to strength/beauty/intelligence/size of hips/ability to hunt and sire ace children etc.

Why are there some people who are fetishistic? I mean - they specifically fancy very fat/ very thin/ people who've wet themselves/ people into S&M/ people in wellies/ people who like t
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Norm Coleman is a fool.
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Norm, Siet & CJ - MAME001 is OUT
The first EP of Mameluk System Records has been released. Mameluk System is a brand new hungarian jump-up label, presenting itself with four tunes from three hungarian producers.
Norm - http://www.myspace.com/weeknorm
Siet - http://www.myspace.com/djsiet
CJ - http://www.myspace.com/cjicednb

A - Siet & CJ - Coming (Siet 2009 RMX)
B - Norm & Siet - Gangboy
C - Norm - Space Jam
D - CJ - Rocket City

The EP is available on:

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Norm Pres. Mameluk System Mix Vol. 1
[Image: http://i48.tinypic.com/350jc60.jpg]


1.Siet & Norm - Halloween(Mameluk Dub)
2.Nismo - Stinky Green Stuff (P_Double RMX)(DUB)
3.Hectix - Super Tokyo VIP [MAME005]
4.Ozma - Lucky Bastard [MAME003]
5.Siet & Norm - Deep Underground(Mameluk DUB)
6.Tron - Run Tings(DUB)
7.Digiworx & Mameluk System - Untitled(DUB)
8.Alpha - Amazon Jungle(Mameluk DUB)
9.Dj Swan e and Motion and Dope Amm
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Norm & Mc Blu-ID @ Amp Air Radio - 9th March 2010
Norm & Mc Blu-ID @ Amp Air Radio Show (fuzioradio FM93,5) 2010.03.09.

Tracklist :
1.Norm - Shine Bass(DUB)
2.Crystal Clear & Cabbie feat. Stapleton - Itzalot (FRONTLINE)
3.Spectrasoul - 4Points(Metalheadz)
4.Caspa - Marmite(Original Sin Rmx)(Fbaric)
5.Callide - Another Rythm Journey (System Shock Recordings)
6.Steppa & Kitcha - Get Mad(Grid)
7.Tron - Run Tings(Dub)
8.Hektix - Super TokyoVIP(Mameluk Dub)
9.Norm - Scarface VIP(Mameluk Dub)
10.Original Sin -Bastard Killer(Playaz)

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