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Def Jam's Fight for NY on Playstation 2
Anybody else play this? This is one of the best console games I've played in AGES...much better than Def Jam Vendetta and just loads of stuff to do. It's definitely one of the most violent games I've played in a while, but you can't really have a peaceful street fighting game I suppose. Anyway, play it! It's addictive...
Author: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - Replies: 11 - Views: 244
FAO NY Subverts
I'm making a trip over this Thursday for a week (boody hell it's come around quick!)

If anyone's free it'd be great to meet up and get shown around some places. I've a list of things to do and see etc, nothing overly exciting as yet as i've been a bit too busy lately to read up and get sorted. Really want to check out some out of town places, record shops, graf 24-hour eating establishments etc...

Let me know if so and i'll shout you on your email post Thursday Grin

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NY Vacancy~Part D00h!
is it any more pathetic to do it here than Craigslist? seems to mk MORE sense to me, those are TOTAL strangers :P

if you know anyone who isnt a kleptomaniac, beast, anal-expulsive Atkins dieter, smack fiend, rent dodger (or ducker), retard, or goat-orifice bandido -- and im sure someone knows a few who lack such traits -- who's lookin for a room/studio space in brooklyn, ny, i am offering such space for a negotiable rent (based on space needed) in September. fine to live there or work there
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Anti-Sit campaign in NY (is this true?!?!)

if it's true, then it's real sad...why the fuck are they doing this?!
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NY Subverts: trope's new biweekly CONTINUES 10/9!!!
[color=crimson]Wave everyone, i hv managed to net a biweekly at a wicquid wmsburg venue, http://www.bembe.us ! i am s0000 chufft!

there is even some overlap with broken beat's small ny scene it seems; busquelo (he's got a couple sets on http://www.brokenbeatradio.com is a resident there. it's also the only place in nyc where ive heard boards of canada on a system - almost dropped my drink!

it's beautiful, the sound is krystal and heavy, and the crowd is exactly who we need to re
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[URGENT] Please help me NY people...
Need to buy a headphone online...where's the best store for it?

This is urgent.
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Sun3/30:BROOKLYN, NY:*FREEBASS*:A night of ragga and amens
Sunday March 30th
K&M Bar
N. 8th & Roebling
Brooklyn, NY
FREE!! (hence the name)

A brand new dnb event featuring nothing but ragga jungle and aggressive dnb.

Your jockeys for the evening:

DESTRO ragga
CORMOLL (Polar Eyes - CT/BK) old skool darkstep
KAHNCEPT (Big League Chune, SiN&CoS - ROC/BK) ragga
REACT... (Ohm Resistance, SiN&CoS - ROC/BK) amens

mark your calenders. get enough of you in there brockin out and this cou
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100% Original

March 7, 2009

Every month at Public Assembly!

Driven AM is proud to present a night of all original music.
Each DJ this evening will be playing strictly their own material.
Expect a night of exclusive music from some of the best Drum & Bass, and Dubstep producers in the world!

Dj's for the evening:

ASC +Debut East Coast Tour+
(Covert Operations | Offshore | Wa
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NY Times says vinyl and turntables are gaining sales...
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o1o1 - Live at halcyon the shop in Brooklyn, NY - 3/25/10
What's up guys. Put this mix up a few days back on our website. Figured I'd share it here and introduce myself. My email is o1o1is5@gmail.com or you can find me on facebook. Hope you enjoy it!



1 – June Miller – Nine – Inside
2 – Instra:mental – From the Start – Nonplus (dub)
3 – dBridge – 5th Floor – Exit
4 – Survival – Walk on By – E

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