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Cool article on levitating objects with sound
during my constant research into subwoofers, i routinely come across intersting articles. this happens quite regularly when you pursue any subject to the nth degree i reckon, but whatever. here's the latest one i found, i'll follow it up if i can find anything else.

subwoofer levitation


levitating cockroaches with sound pressure

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New objects in MAX/MSP 4.5 (including some beauties!)
JAVA scripting object.. a simple little VU meter object, not too handy but a nice touch... A nice musical notation object and then the two new FANTASTIC objects!

1] a spectrograph/sonogram object.. will do amplitude and frequency analysis and does it very fast too.

2] a Z-PLANE filter object! This has beautifully active filter controls.. not had a play with it yet but I'll get on it later and post up some examples. Looks ludicrously fat though
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Camera sees behind objects

Camera sees behind objects
June 1/8, 2005
By Kimberly Patch, Technology Research News

Researchers from Stanford University and Cornell University have put together a projector-camera system that can pull off a classic magic trick: it can read a playing card that is facing away from the camera.

The dual-photography system gains information from a subject by analyzing the way projected patt
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Push Button Objects - Dirty Dozen
is fucking bad Icon_eek

months since I bought this, and still can't get enough

so good!

thanks for the recommendation droid!
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GlassBox - Objects

Mucking around at 159 bpm. BweeoooOOM

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