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klute on octopus
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Badger vs. Octopus
Who would win? To make it fair in terms of terrain, lets assume they can both fly and... erm... spit poison spores out of their eyes.

My money's on the octopus because badgers are notoriously squeamish.

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octopus eats shark
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Utterly incredible and amazing octopus camouflage movie!
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Offshore Octopus T-Shirt and 3x12" Special!!!

We at Offshore have a new T-Shirt shipping now!

Don't miss out on this- Offshore T-Shirt's are always limited and when they're gone they're gone.

The past shirts have achieved cult status and folks are always looking to get their hands on past prints- be sure to be ahead of the curve on this one!

Soundadvice manipulates his "Octopus" design for Iceland's Breakbeat.is night and adds the "Offshore" text.

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The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
Help Save The Tree Octopus From Extinction!

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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus....................
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Amazing Octopus action!
Watch it change colour at about 4.5 mins in Icon_eek

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[Jazz] Red Norvo - Dance of the Octopus
Holy goodness - 1933 !!


Apparently it was so odd for the time, that they all had to sneak into the studio one night to record it. The studio bosses found out and he lost his contract. In his subsequent rage he destroyed all his similar compositions.

Sometimes you hear something that reminds you of something and you find out it was done 30-odd years earlier. Amazing.
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RIP Paul the psychic octopus.

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