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.....who just tonight, after him being a loyal member for months, we have realised we met at a fugazi gig and invited here.

Blue + Scope = terrible men

lets hear it for doug

Applause Applause
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New Fanu tune, "Ode to Eccentricity"
It's on

128 kbps.

Preliminary recording, but it's quite much what the final will sound like.

Enjoy! Cool
Author: the golden maverick - Replies: 7 - Views: 329
Ode to a Russian Bike
Oh Russian bike you served me well,
since you were built in the pre-Perestroika era,
some people would laugh at your peculiar build,
but you got me from A to B (usually),
and now you're gone forever. Farewell.

The Golden Maverick
Author: System - Replies: 9 - Views: 678
Australiana (an ode to Alf)
[quote=some hack in tnt magazine]"alongside strewth (a neat abbreviation of the cute and ancient curse 'god's truth', in case you've ever wondered), fair dinkum is about as aussie a phrase as you'll ever hear uttered. of course, there aren't a great deal of aussies who still bring the phrase into conversation these days, at least not in this country: it all rather reeks of an older australia that's being phased out by an embarrassed younger generation tired of being forever associated with alf o
Author: fanu - Replies: 4 - Views: 602
Ode to chilli
(This is something I came up with in my head while eating pasta with chopped Piri Piri chilli fried with minced meat, covered with HP Chilli sauce. I think it's a pretty slick poem. If you want to use this in a book of poems or something, please consult me regarding the matter first.)

Oh you sweet chilli,
when I taste you on my tongue,
I get so happy,
I want to sing a little song.

Your divine taste
is loved by this nation,
The reason is clear:
you prevent constipation.

The way
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An Ode to Arcae
Author: fanu - Replies: 37 - Views: 1645
Fanu - "Ode To White Russian" MIXTAPE
[Image: http://ernieputto.de/lebowski/lebowski25.jpg]

01. Cybernet & Genetix - Cyborg 2 (Emotif)
02. Doc Scott - Tokyo Dawn (Looking Good)
03. Fracture & Neptune - Ups and Downs (Offshore)
04. Martsman – Antifunk (Counter Intelligence)
05. Seba - External
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An 'Ardcore ode to James Brown (320)

A mashup of JB in tribute to the mans music.

Everything by James Brown except the Sub.

Hardcore vibes (160 BPM)

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fonik - an ode to berlin (house & techno, august 2011)
[Image: http://www.a-t-s.net/shared/images/desti...Berlin.jpg]

Click to download

Darling Farah – Crown
Carl Lekebushch – Spindizzy (Luke Slater’s LB Dub Corp Mix)
Kowton – Keep Walking
Midland – Through Motion
George FitzGerald – Reset
Midland – Shelter
Shadow Moses – Paper Moon
Skudge – Ontic
Sigha – Over The Edge (Shifted Remix)
Shadow Moses – Mothballs
Scuba – Ruptured (Surgeon Remix)
Furesshu – Downstate

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