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Organising samples, patches, projects etc...
Right, here's an interesting question I've been meaning to ask you all...

How do you organise your samples, synth/sampler patches and projects?

There're lots of different ways of doing it I guess and some are better than others. At the moment my samples directory is a mess and there are loads of crap samples I need to delete. I currently try to copy any samples I use from my samples directory to the cubase project directory so that the project is portable. i.e. I can move the project direc
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[nerd] organising your records
finally got round to buying some of those ikea expedit book cases for my tunes. after years of having them scattered around in boxes/piles on the floor and different genres mixed in with each other and not knowing where the hell anything is, i cannot even begin to describe the joy of having them all neat and tidy and organised....

managed to sort the d&b (the bulk of my collection) alphabetically by label, and the dubstep/house & techno although sorted into their respective genres isnt that or

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