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Attn: Statto or other Streetbeats Heads.
Looking for a golden oldie.

Today I found out that one of my favourite jungle tunes ever was released by the very fine Streetbeats. I don't know it's name but it's on Coldcut's "70 minutes of madness" mix set and it's listed as The Truper - Street Beats vol 2".

Any of you know where I might be able to get my grubby mitts on a vinyl copy of this classic?

Cheers for any help. Icon_exclaim
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Attn Blue & other Pixies fans
After that Valve thing on Channel 4 tonight there's an hour long documentary about the Pixies.

The Valve thing is tonight at 1:40 and the Pixies thing 1:55

From the Channel 4 website - "Looking at how The Pixies redefined rock music in the 90s. Featuring rare footage of US four-piece's first gig in London in 1988"

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i found this whilst perusing the mirror the other day and thought of you....

[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag...f/milf.gif]

saved it, snapped it, uploaded.

booked it packed it, fucked off !!!
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Did anyone see the lunar halo the other day?
IT was too cloudy in Blighty, but here is is...

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rave act 2 +other stuff
...this is all potentially very bad...

almost any business, even a business that is not a club, can be put out of business if someone is caught with drugs inside or front of the premises...

...nightclubs in cities across the US have railed against it, they know they're first in an unprecedented crackdown if such a thing happens... but this could affect almost anyone, especially the cultural establishments, what's left of them!

...the hypocrisy is stunning... everybody knows that
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Browsers other than Internet Explorer!
This week, I've been mostly using Mozilla.

it's brilliant...so much faster than Internet Explorer when it comes to loading pages..it seems to load text first and then images, so for forums it's very quick, I still use a Modem at home and I can really notice the difference

The only bad thing I've noticed is that, as it uses Netscape plugins, I've already found that I need to re-download and install the Real One player, because first time around I only installed it for IE and didnt install t
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sexuality and all the other shit that comes with it

I was wondering what people thought about there being a gene for sexuality?

I know that some people do believe in this, but I don't believe in it at all. I think its more environment related...

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Attn Phokus or any other Beat freaks
Any idea where I can download good quality breaks?

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attn: croms/phokus and other beatgeekers

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