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Suv - Output
Would i be right in saying this track was released as part of the Freebeat EP ??

If so does anyone have one for sale i really want this EP Icon_sad
Author: fanu - Replies: 15 - Views: 1205
Recording from the optical output of DVD-player?!?
I only get a nasty constant rustle.
What do I have to do to get it right?

I tried doing it on my Wavelab and Soundforge and my friend's CoolEdit, but we got the same result every time.

There must be something I ain't aware of.

Enlighten my ignorant soul, please JEDIcrying
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i really miss old danny flytronix's output
This jazzman used to be able to hit them lovely lows like nobodies
business, and do it with some nice flair. Rhodes Tunes, Rare Tear
Parts 1 & 2 still move me now as much as they did when I first heard
them. Archive had its moments too I must say, although I never really
enjoyed his excursions into harder territory as much as the man's
flair for lushness. I wonder what ever became of him?

this thread is acting as a reminder for me to start trolling ebay for
some of those early re
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Stereo Out/Output channel and limiters
quick question,

is it best to work with a limiter , i.e Waves L2, on your output channel all the time or finish the track and then limit if required?

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suv - output
Icon_yippee in the bag for tonight Icon_yippee

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BIOS - Breakbeat Input / Output System - Free Mix

[Image: http://myspace-721.vo.llnwd.net/01532/12...0721_m.jpg]

- March 2007 UPDATE -


(< download)
(< Stream)

Every month we present u a exclusive mix fro
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"total output" clipping question
so im making beats in logic pro 7 (altho this is a question applicable to all software) and all my individual tracks are underneath the red and not clipping but then i peep out the total output meter and it's in the red at +5.0

are there any tips to keeping the total output underneath the clipping level besides simply lowering it or lowering all the individual tracks?

and how much clipping is ok?

thx yall.
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Please help! Recording balanced output to unbalanced input advise

If i had more hair i would have torn it out already!

I currently have a vextax pcv275 mixer, and use the 1/4" jacks output which is unbalanced to record into my emu 0404 pci unbalanced jack inputs.

Was about to get the allen & heath xzone 22, but noticed their outputs are balanced.

Now I can't use the cables I currently use, because you need either XLR connection / phono on the xzone22.

So I don't know whether to get some phono to jack cables (which would use the record or

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