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Boneca Recommends - MC Paul Barman - Paulellujah

or at least download a cut or two. Imagine eminem got a humour transplant then beck downloaded his mind Joe 90 style and you're halfway there. His debut EP was produced by Prince Paul of De La and Stetsaonic fame and he contributes a track to this, has a kind of folk-hop feel in places.

Was trying to remember some lyrics but there's so many gems it's hard to choose, I'd reccomend a listen to any of the following:

Vulture Shark Culture Park
Bleeding Brain Grow
Burpin & F
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Paul Barman live at ICA
awwwww yeah! Fri Mar 21st, should be funny as tits
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paul Z
is this guy on Streetbeats or is it old? Just wonderin cos one of my fave d+b/jungy tunes is by Paul z - beautiful dreams

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Really good Interview with Paul from Cert 18
seems to be from a couple of years ago....


Certificate 18 (profile by Kingsley Marshall)

Throughout its six-year and thirty five record history Certificate 18 has ridden the line between electronica and drum & bass, reflective of label manager Paul Arnold’s love of music. A visionary approach to A&R, signing Photek (as Studio Pressure) and Source Direct (as Sound Of Life) before Metalheadz, and Danny C’s Primary Motive before Creative Source
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Paul Reset - June 04 mix
Well thought it was time for a new mix - most of the mixing is fine with the odd erm, slip up - but the tunes are good Smile
And its all off vinyl, so its a nice crispy 192kbps Mp3 - comes in at just over 80 mins and is 114MB...

Many many thanks to Cykosis, Milo & Mantis 2K for the hosting - much appreciated!

Tracklisting is

"Departure (D Bridge rmx
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Paul Reset - June 04 CDJ mix...
Well time for another new mix from me Smile Have already done two vinyl mixes this month so it's time to dust down the CDJs and bring some forthcoming bizness...

96kbps MP3 - 90 mins long - 60MB Mp3

Many thanks to Spinor and DJ Jason for the hosting - much much appreciated

Link 1 -
Link 2 -
(link should be active by mid afternoon UK time Tuesday)


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Paul Reset in Scoop shocker
Paul has just posted a mix with my new tune before I have even played it out


gwarn the reset - that is what you call FRESH Wink
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Kontra & Paul Reset "The Jaded Sessions Vol 1"
Well - myself and Andy Kontra decided to record a wee mashup mix - was a Saturday afternoon - we were both hungover as feck, so decided to fire up the old minidisc and record...

So here it is! 2 hours of tunage, ranging from chilled liquid bizness to the odd techy monster alongside some choppage and more uppy liquid funk...some of the mixing isn't erm...amazing - but we were hungover and tired and towards the end, the fresh Stella attack was starting to kick in Smile

Link below...160kbps - 13
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Paul Reset, Union & ESB : Unwind Radio Sessions Tonight
[Image: http://www.mrpgroup.com/files/nerve.jpg]

monday night : 6pm-8pm EST
*click above to access*

date:monday aug-09-04
time:6PM-8PM EST/11PM-1AM GMT
url: www.club246.com
Paul Reset [nerve recordings]
Union [bitterbrew/flak/local 128]
ESB [urbnet/bitterbrew/s.c
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Paul Reset:Unwind Radio Archive (9/8/04) - Mp3 bizness
Well for those that missed it live on http://www.club246.com - you can check out the archive below...nice range of styles covered in the mix. Big thanks to ESB for having me on the show - and hope ya like the mix!


"The Unseen" - Fanu (Subtitles)
"Machines" - Corrupt Souls (?)
"Move Right" - Phace (Leet)
"Loaded" - Soulproof (Timewave Audio)
"Arcadia" - ICR

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