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Hello Peeps
nu around these parts.... what's happening in sb land? Loris
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ATTN US peeps: serious problems with electronic voting..
apart from the obvious problems with there being no physical vote, serious security problems with the electronic voting system have been uncovered..

System Integrity Flaw Discovered At Diebold Election Systems

Feb 5, 2003: Yesterday, technicians and programmers for Diebold Election Systems, the company that supplied every single voting machine for the surprising 2002 results in the state of Georgia, the company that is prepa
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Reading peeps
Anyone looking for somewhere to go in town this Thursday, got a gig at Po Na Na with Madame Breaks (Botchit & Scarper) and the Cutting Edge Beats crew from Ministry Radio. PM me for g-list.
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new to board! yo peeps!
just found this board and can finally have a sigh of relief. seems geared towards the more 'future/progressive' sounds of jungle, which is what im all about. i'll post tunes up in the tune forum soon come.
ez, hakthedj
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Wotcha peeps
Alright guys.
Finally dragged my worthless butt onto this forum, so I thought I'd say hello.

I'll be down at Technicality tomorrow - gonna be a messy, messy night.

Btw, check me mixes out in my sig. Cheers.
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Attn Toronto Peeps

[quote]This Thursday is an Extra Shiny Bombastic edition of oscillate Thursdays, here we go:

ESB - Unwind Radio Sessions, Sarnia

It's gonna be really hard to fit this dude's accomplishments in to a paragraph. And i've already wasted 2 sentences. ESB has been djing for 10 years, playing countless gigs across Ontario and repping a wide variety of sounds within the DnB genre. He's a contributing writer for UR
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I asked the Finnish peeps who they would like to see play...
...And Andy C got most votes Bncry


My suggestions about Equinox, Breakage, Chris Inp, and Paradox were immediately scorned and frowned upon and they evoked a lot of controversy.

This ain't the biggest surprise of the world, I tells ya.
Every time I mention those names or talk about drumfunk / breaks-orientated d&b, people don't take it seriously. They just keep on hyping Andy, Mampi, Ed Rush etc.

Well, luckily enuff, Dev promised me to send me some DVD material of his live
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Attn: BeatJam peeps
are flyers made up? we are building some distribution packs up so get me some and i'll include them!

that is all.

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uk peeps-anyone gonna check this show?
MUSIC: Upcoming
Danger Mouse w/ Prince Paul and Sage Francis

when: Wed 28 Apr (7pm)
where: Scala (275 Pentonville Road, N1, 020.7833.2022)
Tube: King's Cross
price: £12.50 advance

Aside from three tracks, file Danger Mouse's The Grey Album under "Better in Concept Than Execution", which, truth be told, ain't a bad place to be (also there: Sgt. Pepper's, Prodigy, small children). The DJ's now-infamous mash-up of maybe the greatest rapper ever (Jay-Z) and maybe the greatest
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US peeps!


should i bid? there is no reserve!


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