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pharoah sanders - thembi lp appreciation thread
Listening to this LP on a warm 30ºC afternoon is just soooo lovely!

If anybody want's to recomend me more artists doing music like this, it would be great!
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Pharoah Sanders - Wisdom through Music
Lovesmilie Amazing and uplifting afro-beat/eastern influenced LP
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Pharoah Sanders Appreciation/Recommendations
Maybe it would be better asking if he's ever done anything bad...

Ive been listening to the Impulse! re-issues, and they've blown my mind. Ive never been a huge Jazz head - I appreciate it of course - but apart from the work of certain artists, Ive never really had that jumping up and down with joy thing you get when something really hits you... and I absolutely love this guy. Im beginning to suspect that a lot of what i like about Alice Coltrane's stuff came from him...

Heres what

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