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PHD & Conrad - Reminiscent Rhythms
Where could I get this?
CD would be fine too......

It's funny, I know this old classic from years back.....somehow I just recalled this old piece Smile I want it!

"This tune is a......rhythm tune.......written by a, friend of mine......"
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PHD - Presence Appreciation
Ascendant Moods - unmixed cd 2. this tune just kills it with those drum rolls! and then back to the strings, what a tune.

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PhD thesis on Hardcore, Jungle, and Drum & Bass
yo guys... just a quick note about the availability of my dissertation on Hardcore, Jungle, and Drum & Bass (HJDB). I've been in a PhD program for the last 7 years studying computational rhythm description systems, and their application to HJDB. The dissertation also features interviews with: Bay B Kane, N.R.G., The Moog, Subject 13, Justice, DJ Krust, Voyager, DJ Trax, Carl Collins, AK1200, Alpha Omega, Macc, DJ Code, Naphta, Fracture, ASC, 0=0, Escher, Martsman, Alley Cat, and Villem.

if yo

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