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help me plan my trip to europe!
hey crew....

vox and i are coming to europe for the tech allnighter and staying for a few weeks....

starting in london....spending a few days in various areas around amsterdam, brussels, paris, barcelona, madrid, and a bunch of little stop overs in between all the big cities.....

things we like :

- top notch food (in europe, we're really interested in checking out all the hardcore "ye olde tyme" type stuff.....breweries, cheese farms, vinyards, markets etc)

- good music/record
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EoC Old Skool WEDNESDAY 19th January - Plan B Brixton
Essence of Old Skool @ Plan B , Brixton Wed 19th Jan

DJ KANE 95-97
T1 88-89


Myself and Madcap are playing 9-11pm, so still chance to catch the tube afterwards if you fancy leaving. Equinox is at 12am, which should be a firing set!

No idea what I'm playing yet. Just to give you a clue

About £3 to get in.
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The criminal cabal's plan to destroy American democracy
(You mean it still is one?)

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UFO - The Planet Plan (DJ Die Mix) !
On Talkin Loud ...... Tune! just picked this up yesterday, hadnt heard it since 97 most probably.

i think id rate this right up there with Die's best tracks.
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Bush Cabal Plan to Nuke Iran & grab oil fields
Bush Cabal Plan to Nuke Iran & grab oil fields



Report: Israel ready for pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facility
Posted in the database on Wednesday, August 10th, 2005


god help us all Icon_sad
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planet plan - dj die rmx
foookin Falcon gonna play this later...

and bill laswell - oscilation ( nico rmx ) Falcon cannae wait!
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plan b - sick 2 def
was given tha acoustic version of this last nite, some mental lyrics id dis... Lovesmilie
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SETI announces his plan NOT to become the new scart ridge
...but really, first i'd have to be from Canadia, and then to be signed to be anywhere near Lol

(disclaimer: total bullshit rerun thread post only if you don't have a rep to protect)
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Tech:nology v Def:initon pt.2 / Thurs 8th Nov @Plan B
techNology vs. def:inition part 2
downstairs @plan b, brixton - thursday 8th november 2007

techNology welcome def:initon to brixton for this special one off event. vicious circle & universal project are the headliners, bringing their unique vibes. universal project’s black techno drum & bass sound will be in full effect alongside vicous circle’s tech step tear out selection. remember the funktion one sound system is installed exclusively at plan b. be prepared for some seriously har
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Who's coming, Ursula Rucker - Plan B - Tomorrow?

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