Author: bobule - Replies: 1 - Views: 252
anyone running a mac with os9.x and windows media player?
could you try out a video file for me?


click video and pick any one, any of these would do

then plesse let me know if it works..
Author: fanu - Replies: 15 - Views: 1014
Recording from the optical output of DVD-player?!?
I only get a nasty constant rustle.
What do I have to do to get it right?

I tried doing it on my Wavelab and Soundforge and my friend's CoolEdit, but we got the same result every time.

There must be something I ain't aware of.

Enlighten my ignorant soul, please JEDIcrying
Author: Cloak and Dagger - Replies: 28 - Views: 2125
what's your mp3 player?
so I'm trying to figure this out...I'm getting one as a gift this weekend and basically want something with 40gb space, isn't too bulky, and is easy to use...it seems that the iPod 40gb has been discontinued, and the iRiver is a pain in the ass to use (slow scrolling speeds, etc). anybody have any thoughts? i wouldn't use the majority of the features on the iRiver and i'm not sure if buying a discontinued iPod is the right decision either...my ears are open.

on a similar note, i'm ONE refer
Author: noisemonkey - Replies: 137 - Views: 13990
what's currently in your DVD player/video player?
currently watching Ghost in The Shell 2nd gig Grin
Author: TVG - Replies: 9 - Views: 400
issues with the virb audio player?
im trying to listen to the sc vol 3 tracks, but it still flashes "transfering data" in my browser after 5 minutes and playing no audio.

i have now attempted clicking the play button much harder and repeatedly very fast about 10 times and shaking my computer moniter, but to no avail
Author: Annastay - Replies: 17 - Views: 1446
Alternates to I phone for a mp3 player?
So with my experience any phone that has the net on it usually doesnt stay charged for very long. Im wondering if anyone knows of any phones out there that double as an mp3 player and actually stayed charged for a good amount of time, dont really need the net apps.
Am up for a new phone on my plan and havent really got the money for the ipod at all.... yet i guess it would be worth it if there isnt really a phone that does play music and stayed charged a good amount of time. Chin

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