Author: erbanta - Replies: 6 - Views: 504
so i made a micks.. anybody care to host it, pls?
hadn't touched my turntables for a while so i decided to pile up 80 mins of goodies. some new and lots of older stuff, as usual. it came off kinda big tho, around 113 megs, but i can re-encode it with smaller bitrate if necessary.

the tracklist looks like this:

lemon d - subphonics [prototype]
foul play productions - synthetic bitch [partisan]
hidden agenda - fish eggs [reinforced]
photek - rings around saturn [science]
fanu - siren song [subtitles]
stakka & skynet - voyager [audio b
Author: fanu - Replies: 22 - Views: 1078
Could somebody upload the Fanu in 'Dam mix pls?
I dont have it myself Oops
Need it real bad for a certain purpose...

Yousendit.com would be marvellous, or a link, if it's still up somewhere?

Thanks sirs
Author: Paradigm X - Replies: 1 - Views: 225
Links to good bouncy funky hip hop mixes pls?

Anyone recommend any good funky hiphop mixes, im thinking more oldskool krs/cypress/nwa/prince paul/gravediggaz/dela soul etc,

been listening to a mix called highschool hiphop, well into it

or some new stuff, but the more leftfield side, im a bit behind now, but nothing like shiddy cent or b*tchB8tchb*itchn*gger all the way thru, i hate the work b*tch


Author: Goldenchild MC - Replies: 17 - Views: 1893
So i got about £150-200 to spend ........it needs to be external as my Dell unit is so tiny! Im also running vista!!!!!(I KNOW!!) so it needs to be compatable.

Something with pre-amps would be handy too.........i was thinking about the Edirol UA-25 (ua25)........but i guess i could spend a little bit more!!??

Dunno......pls help? Baffled

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