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a good point
I found myself today trapped in a moment of profound banality. I was about to go out, but the washing machine was nearing the end of its cycle. If I left immediately, the washing would hang around in the machine, and
wouldn't get transferred to the tumble-drier until I returned. If I hung around for a few minutes, I could shift it to the drier before I left, and return to a drum filled with dry, clean clothes.

So there I stood, with, I don't know, about eight minutes to kill. Enough
to make
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We have reached that point............
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Point Zero VIP
Soul Keeper (Point Zero Vip)

Well this is the Vip mix For 0=0 ...the original tune (Point Zero) will be on Synaptic Plastic (SPR00Cool....

this will never come out...
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TeeBee @ The Pressure Point Tonight
teebee is playing the pressure point tonight for all the brighton headz.

sc's very own callous (intelligence kru) is also playing.


see you there.

(i may even drag blue along)
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Just to prove a point
Seems like a lot of dnb shops get free advertising on here, so I thought I'd put todays mailout up to see what you think.

New in today! (with clickable links!)

Drum n Bass:
Actual Proof (feat Fanu, Nubian Mindz, Sileni) - Maybe We'll Stay Remixes (Fanu, Nubian Mindz, Sileni) 12" - Offshore - OSRLTD002
Juno = - RedEye = £5.49 (inc VAT) Chemical = £9.50 (inc VAT) UDM PRICE = £5.40

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at this point it's not working out
... i don't know how i'm going to do the ftp thing if i don't find a prog that ACTUALLY WORKS...

....please someone point out a decent ftp prog.
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i've exhausted all options at this point
...either meet me in the drum and bass room in soulseek, or i can't get the tunes out
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ReCycle in 'getting slice point right' shocker
I don't believe it - ReCycle just got a slice point exactly where I would have put it. Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek

One out of probably about 100000 isn't bad, eh Roll

Fucking piece of shit program
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can anyone point me to some good non-dnb mixes?
i'm looking for some nice laid back mixes to listen to. preferably hiphop/dub/house/soul/funk.
anyone got any links?

cheers Smile
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Breakin Point_Dj-Sinister
hard kickin dnb/jungle roller...



mp3 available..

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