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Post your Subversive Links here !!!!!!!!!!
go get em
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oh come on then Top Ten Anythings Post em Ere
top ten list of any description,

heres my current one.

1.roast dinner (aberdeen angus boeuf)
2.new series of the office
3.beat jam sessions - still fresh in my mind
4.the two new ultraviolet tracks.. oh my
5.falcon beer Falcon
6.lovely sticki icky boom boom malicky ganja
7.subvert central
8.new streetbeats website
9.riverdrive rmx
10.the vast array of smilies available on this forum.
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my very first post
hello people.

just want to say respect for the other night, it was wicked... great turnout, great atmosphere, nice thursday night session, good to put names to faces as well.

now we have to talk about you coming down to play for us at some point boys.

btw check us out at http://www.funktion.org and join the forum. the site is a bit sketchy, its very much under construction but its all good


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1000th post approaching
and i'm off to shower, thus eliminating myself from the runnings...
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Hangeover post
I had too much to drink Oops but it was damn fun. Grooverider fucking smashed the place he started it off with the Papua new guinea remix and then a lot of tracks from BC. Let's just say that rum, water, red bull and the papua new guinea are not a good mix for the body Lol Plus I got like 3 hours of sleep and I had to work all day. Well it's off to sleep ez all
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best Post/Math band ever????
really tricky this................

i dunno who i would pick...........

Probaly THE most important are either Slint, Shellac or Rodan......

what d'ya reckon?
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AT LAST Jim's Name your favourite ZEP Tune and why post!!
Boys, I have held back too long and now I have to unleash to everyone my zep condition.

My fave zep tune is (belive it or not) is "Thats the way" as it was the first tune that introduced me to them. (second is Black dog)

Discuss??? or not??? Roll
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Sorry to post this .........
This really pisses me off though i found this by accident .......


Why is it us that Humans think we are so special ??
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i need to post around these parts more often
but i can't think of a subject!??!

let's just have some free discussion.

nice day we're having, how about those local sports teams
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Evening Post ........
All Reading subverts be aware there was an Evening post photographer at the last Beatjam so we shall be famous around Reading very soon .... Keep your eyes peeled.

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