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ebay - postage cost
what would u charge for two 12"s going to usa?? £4 a fair price or is it cheaper/more expensive
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:yawn: another ebay postage thread.....

the wee birdy is trying to charge me £4.50 for postage within the uk for 2 freakin rekkids. i accept the base cost of £3 for the first record, but £1.50 for the second is just a pisstake.

anything i can do apart from leave crap feedback?
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Records for sale 3 for £10 including UK postage...
Just put a deposit down on my first property so it's time to try and raise some money....records listed as below and all prices include UK shipping - just pick 3 or 4 records from each section and post a reply here to claim which ones you want (first come first served). Don't sent a PM to claim the tunes as it'll get confusing.....some more to add later as well

3 for £10

Klute ? ? ? FOR1
Blue Skin (feat MC Fats) Something's Going On Blue Skin BSKP001 RESERVED
Fresh & Adam F The Origina
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SC triple pack postage prices
uk first class £2.71
uk second class £2.12
(recorded — add £0.66)

europe airmail £4.29
world airmail £7.45
world surface £3.66

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Wow Postage costs have really gone up!
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Postage help please
Helo Ive just sold a record to someone in germany and theyve asked how much it is for signed delivery.I know in the uk recorded is just 0.65p but i wondered if anyone knows how much to send it signed delivery to germany. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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Postage from the UK.. ????
I paid £17.98 for 7 rettles and when they arrived it said postage paid £7.98, what did the other £10 go on, the piece of cardboard wrapped around it?
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postage help
Does anyone know how much it will cost to send a 2x12" ep within the uk? just standard 1st class will do. Is £2.00 too much or not enough?

thanks for your help
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lamenting the international postage tarifs and the euro
The exchange rates for the US dollar <- -> Euro are crazy.
On top of that, international shipping is REALLY expensive.

I just have to vent....
cos this means there's no cheap way to send LP's worldwide.

shite postal system, shite international exchange rates!
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discounted postage on ebay
got 2 newish paradox bits for 99p each, got individual invoices with £3 postage for each record, so i politely asked if there is a discount for multiple items to which he replied.....

ebay seller Wrote:Hi,

Afraid not on items under £5.



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