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Prices !!!
Orca 4 Trax Orca 1 1993 UK £25.00 Icon_eek

and energizer 4 ( i would not sell that tho )

Looks like i'd better get digging for tunes i don't need again

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House prices/rent cost and creativity
Lets talk geo-creativity and urbanism.

Do you think the ridiculous cost of living (esp. house prices and rental costs) in the centre of London (zone 1&2) are contributing to the decline/errosion of creative industries and communities in the UK.

Compared to, say Manchester (though even that is well expensive now).

I got thinking about this after people were talking about Berlin in the Gerald thread. I think musicians flourish when they can work in a collaborative fashion within a relativ
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SC triple pack postage prices
uk first class £2.71
uk second class £2.12
(recorded — add £0.66)

europe airmail £4.29
world airmail £7.45
world surface £3.66

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Books prices and status
so glad i'm reading books in english!
the price of books here in brazil is insane. books here are considerate as a status piece, something to show off...

bought american gods and perdido street station for $8 each, here it would cost me somehting like $20 Grumble

next step is learning french and german Yes
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Reasonable prices for a pair of 1210 mk2s, mixer etc
i'm thinking of selling all my dj stuff but i dunno what the going rate is. any of you guys have any idea?

i'd be selling 2x 1210's (hardly used as i had to give up dj'ing due to tinnitus shortly after i got em). only really used one of them for recording vinyl onto my pc. Sad2

1x ecler pro20 mixer

2x ortofon concorde blue (dj s)

1x sennheiser hd280 pro headphones.

anyone got a rough idea
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Prices of records in UK recordshops
Are they roughly the same as in online stores, i.e. 4.50 to 6 quid for UK labels, or higher?

In other words, should i bother ordering from Boomkat now and pay p&p + run risk of loss if I'm in London soonish anyway?
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have beatport put all their prices up!?
just logged on to beatport and the version three software has gone live and it seems like their prices have all nearly doubled!?

before prices were quoted in dollars - it was around $1.50 a track so around 75p each ... now they are all in pounds and its all £1.30ish a track ...

US users are obviously still getting the dollar prices .. i wonder if they are the same as before ...

seems a bit fucked that prices should go up so much from one day to the next ...

and don't see why i shou
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All my records are available on Discogs - REDUCED PRICES
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Shipment prices from UK to FIN
the easiest vs. the cheapest?

i have a feeling that some ebayers are ripping me off with shipping prices,
they tend to alter so much every time i buy stuff. this time its 22 records (3-4kg?) so id like to have some info before i get a request for the total sum. alternative ways to ship are also welcome if commercial couriers like DHL or UPS are cheaper?
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Rock Bottom Prices: G5, UAD-1e, ProjectMix, RME ADI-8DS
For sale:


Apple Mac G5 Dual 1.8 (Rev B, NOT the model with the problematic AMD 8131 chipset)
1 x 80Gb Internal SATA HD
1 x 250Gb Internal SATA HD
Upgraded ATI GFX Card (Dual Head)
Apple USB Keyboard
MS Intellimouse Explorer
PCI Firewire Card

OS X Tiger (10.4) DVD's



RME ADI-8 DS (8ch 24bit/96Khz AD/DA converters)

See SoS review: [url]http://www.soundonsound

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