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I use Logic as my main sequencer & have recently started putting my outboard thru the ad/da's & into Logic & using the fx & tings in there 2 process the sound.

This works a fucking treat,it really does but my prob is...

How do I bounce the sound into the pc/hard drive with all the effects on ?

Whenever I go 2 record I just get the dry sound without the effects & need 2 do something somewhere 2 get it 2 record with effects on but don't know what it is?

I messed around with some cables
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u've prob seen it.. but
I thought it was funny.
[Image: http://img98.exs.cx/img98/3504/0200448118800.jpg]
GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN have taken delivery of the world’s most Chav car — a Vauxhall Chavalier.

The 1991 motor was transformed by a custom car mag who presented it to the rappers.

The band, whose single Your Mother’s Got A P*n*s is out on Monday, love the car’s spec — Burberry exterior, big sovereign ring on the back window, upholstery made from old tracksuits, missing stereo (already stolen), u
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A new HD prob: Win2000 install not seeing my HDs
Ok, my previous hassle is over now - I dont think it has anything to do with my new HD issue, but it can be found here: http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread.php...did=306840

I Fdisked the new drive, created the primary partition + ext. partition with one logical drive, and set the active partition.

Now I am trying to install Win2000.
It's a ghey version that doesnt boot from dos; it can only be run from Win or by making bootable disks so i gotta go for the latter as i have a total

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