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LABEL Press / Promotions :: Statto, B, Exxon, ESB, Phokus

Just typed LOADS on Press / Promotions etc... and then lost the whole fucking thing. . .

Anyhow, here's goes again... Icon_evil

maybe a little shorter than the last time but it will do...

[quote=Statto]ok so

what are we aiming to do?

send press releases just to dnb main websites & magazines?
should we be sending out to alternative genre media?
to general dance music media?
just in the UK or worldwide?
are we considering paying for advertisements?
what a
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Silly me!! Paradox promotions :P
There I was, stoned, reading my GMail, and I see a address of paradox promotions...

I go: "Hmmm don't remember registering on the mailing list (if it even exists) on the paradox site, ah whata hell...lemme check"

I there it was...Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha

funny momment seeing this lame (maybe sick with a stomachache?) star!

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who the fuck are subversive promotions
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Omni Music Promotions Thread
Seeing as I can't normally keep up with all the Omni Music goings on, I thought I'd start a promo thread for the label. First off I'm putting in all the Omni Sessions to date, Chris Wright's regular series of mixes covering d'n'b, jungle and electronica in general.


I have decided to start a regular series of mixes, starting from now.
Here is the first installment of The Omni Sessions Smile


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