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Quantum Tricks Boost CD Data Storage
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Quantum computing
Quantum Computing, Secure Communication Closer

Quote:"With 100 transistors, each containing one of these electrons, you could have the implicit information storage that corresponds to all of the hard disks made in the world this year, multiplied by the number of years the universe has been around," Yablonovitch said. "And why stop with 100 transistors?"

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ebay shizzle > quantum mechanics > dillinja > rare
etc etc


some rare bits

some good bits

and er wolf remix. don't ask!

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Quantum Darwinism...
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Laundry:A Quantum Mechanical Approach
Laundry:A Quantum Mechanical Approach

by: Brian J. Reardon

It has been argued that the act of doing laundry followed the discovery of clothing by only a few weeks. While this fact has been regarded to be fantastically trivial, one can not ignore the enigmas that the act of doing laundry has created. This is especially true in the age of high speed washers and dryers. In the early days, the disappearance of articles of clothing could simply be accounted for by saying that the sock was lost
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Quantum Conundrum Solution to Time Travel Paradox

If you went back in time and met your teenage parents, you could not split them up and prevent your birth - even if you wanted to, a new quantum model has stated.

Researchers speculate that time travel can occur within a kind of feedback loop where backwards movement is possible, but only in a way that is "complementary" to the present.

In other words, you can pop back in time and have a look around, but you cannot do anyt
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Arpanet - Quantum Transposition
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tonight at 8pm GMT @ http://www.jungletrain.net

join the chat for some hilarious convo's or just plain tune in for some classic Renegade Hardware Fun: Future Forces, Lemon D, Dillinja, Tech itch, Dom & Roland and much more!
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Arpanet - Quantum Transposition album
what an odd and great album this is!

you got to listen when in the mood for bleeps and blonks, and when you do, oh boy! this is the thing! Falcon

really...never heard nothing like this, and i doubt that i'll...

4 out of 5 falcons.
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Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment


Read about this briefly one time but I never really had time to follow it up - I never got time to understand it but this has made it all clear...

Amazing... Icon_eek

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