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Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb appreciation
hmmm... ragga action.

*wasted stacks*

Author: subvert - Replies: 14 - Views: 582
NEW FEATURE - Ranks Page


link at the top of the page

Author: fanu - Replies: 2 - Views: 283
Ragga peeps ahoy (Junie Ranks info needed)
Ever heard of Junie Ranks - "Gie Me The Buddy"?

Some info would be welcome.

Is that on some LP or was it a 7"/10"/12"?

also, is it rare/available?

Author: iNSiGHt - Replies: 24 - Views: 1437
I will be a DAD in 6 months time. Icon_eek

Congrats again to Ashes and DSP (I'll be linking up for the fatherly advice soon Grin )

It's amazing that even tho I am only going thru a theoretical/psychological pregnancy how much it's affecting my view already.

Author: UFO_over_easy - Replies: 18 - Views: 1130
Har. I have joined the ranks of the bored @ work crew

I'm getting paid to sit in the basement of some office all day. About once very two hours I get a couple of letters to sort through. Grin

I guess I should start creating alias's and snacking then?
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Fanu - Jungle got no ranks appreciation
dang yo, I know it's been said and rinsed, but this tune rawks. I've heard it many times without really paying attention to what it was. Heard the sound clip and BAM! I've been waiting for this one, heka excited. I love that little voice, I have no idea what it's saying, but it's fun to make your own lyrics.

so what do you think it says?

I REALLY REALLY hope to see this in the local shop, but somewhat doubt it. Where and when can I purchase this........ and c64, you know you love me, hook
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Make:Shift Rec: Fanu - Jungle Got No Ranks - Buy Here!
[Image: http://www.makeshiftrecords.ca/MSR02/MSR02.jpg]

Make:Shift Records – new 12”

Yes, its finally here!
We’ve got a limited number of vinyl ready to ship out. We might get more from our distributor, but we might not. We are posting this here first on SC to give all the Verts a chance to grab it first. After which, if any are left over, we will spam the wonders of the interweb.

A. Fanu – Jungle Got No Ranks
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Cutty Ranks: Armed & Dangerous jungle instrumental?
does it exist?
jumpin jack frost plays armed & dangerous at dreamscape 11 around ten minutes in, but i swear it doesent have hardly any of the vocal found on the jungle mix of the vinyl.

possibly a dub that was going round at the time?
wicked tune but the vocals spoil it

edit: Chin he could be mixing both goldie version together

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