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Midnight Sun 001 release info
Ez Streetbeats crew and others!

Midnight Sun 001 new release info

The new line up after some problems with original slated release >>

MSR 001 Presents:


One of the pioneers of the dnb game and Fallen Angels possee member Tango gives da remix treatment. Release date will be posted on the msr website very shortly.

Distributed via Nu urban music UK.

we @msr wish u all a merry christmas!!!

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Finally Release dates for ...........
House of 1000 corpses - 11th April 2003 in the US

at last a film that looks like it won't just be a stupid teen slasher film looks very good, just have to wait and see i guess.

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Paradox remix of Blues Melted Down next release coming SOON

The long awaited Paradox Remix of Melted down is gonna be available soon only from Infiltration Distribution - ID -

To reserve your copy now contact Streetbeats at Nerve@m4jungle.com limited availability so catch em while their hot!
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Sub Pop to release anniversary comp
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Check out a track from my upcoming release on Zeal Records.
I've finally got my remix of "Spaced In" by my other project Froxel completed. It's going to be under my new 'Anyapax moniker. This is a non-dnb track with some guitars and dubby influences, the SB crew should dig it I'm sure. I'm quite proud of it and think it has a genuine chance of becoming semi-popular.

Here's the iuma.com site where you can choose your streaming options: http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Froxel/

Please listen and comment.


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Is There A Release Date for Breakage - Trance yet?
I've had the MP3 clip lurking on my computer for a while now and I'm just itching to play it out to some people. When are the promos arriving dudes?
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German label Wants To release a Froxel Album! What Now?
Do you guys know anything about a German label called Alison Records? They want to release a full length Froxel album! My bandmate Justin and I are quite excited but we don't know much about the label. Are they reputable? Do we ask for a contract or advance and shit? Should we wait until the 10" on Zeal comes out first? Because it seems like more and more labels are becoming interested and maybe we should wait until the Zeal 10" comes out. We'll probably get more exposure from that and maybe a b
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Radiohead - Go To Sleep CDEP (Release Details)
RADIOHEAD have announced final details of their new
single ’GO TO SLEEP’

Released on August 18, the second single from 'Hail To
The Thief' will be backed by new song 'I Am Citizen
Insane' and a live version of 'Fog'.

The studio version of ’Fog’ originally featured as an
additional track on the single for 'Knives Out'.


should be niceeeeeee

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Swarm: Knowledge DnB Award/Enter the Hive CD Release
Gasm Recordings is pleased to have both Swarm and Mc Armanni considered for a Knowledge Magazine Drum n Bass award.

Please log on and vote at:


Best Breakthrough: MC Armanni
Best Breakthrough producer: Swarm
Best MC: MC Armanni

[Image: http://www.gasmrecordings.com/eth/cdpic.jpg]

Swarm’s soon to be released Enter the Hive is a blistering mix of original p
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Photek release on Headz promo's 2moro .....
Haven't actually heard any clips of this, but it promo's 2moro nevertheless.

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