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Author: dice - Replies: 93 - Views: 3174
UNTITLED! radio @ Mondaynights 7pm-9pm GMT
Hey all,

just to announce our little internetradio venture: ... Straight out of Belgium!

copy/paste into your mediaplayer of choice
logon to #reload-radio on Efnet for the chat! You can use for webbased irc chats!
Dial 'R' for the RELOAD!

Hope to see some of you tonight!

oh and I got a mic too, so subverts be aware of some comedy capers!!
Author: dice - Replies: 21 - Views: 881
BAMDUB @ Mondaynights 7pm-9pm GMT
OK, been doing this for a couple of weeks now...guess it is about time to win some subverts over with my luring talk.

That's's Dice chatting Bullshit to tracks and have a laugh on a chatroom and all...the details: for stream details..

logon to #reload-radio on Efnet for the chat! You can use for webbased irc chats!

Press 'R' for the RELOAD!
Author: HerrWaldo - Replies: 1 - Views: 290
[DUBSTEP]New show on RELOAD: Weeatbabies SUN 22h-24h(GMT+1)
Tune in to tonight for some dubstep vibes. We will be playing from 22h untill 24h (GMT+1), after Mr. Panzar's show, with some new stuff in the bag!
Selectas for this evening will be samouraï Billy B, pagan Subception and overlord Waldo.

Get your lazy arses on teh chat! channel: #reload-radio

it's time for some BASS!
Author: dice - Replies: 1 - Views: 219
BAMDUB @ Mondaynights 7pm-9pm GMT
TONIGHT! Santa bringin dubs!

If I got time for a pre show it'll be a special dedication to King records finest J.B. (may he rest in peace)

Tune in:
Chat: <-- change channel to #reload-radio

7-9 PM GMT
8-10 PM CET
Author: dice - Replies: 4 - Views: 612
BAMDUB @ Archive 05-03-2007
Thought I'd give some props back to the this time a separate thread in which you will find links to either their myspace page or a forumlink. If you're feeling their tunes, please give them a shout as they've put their blood, sweat and tears in this!

Out to the suppliers...

Last night was big!

01. breakestra - cramp your style
>>forgot about hot chocolate.
Author: Forensics - Replies: 3 - Views: 323
FORENSICS - Reload Radio Set
FORENSICS - Reload Radio Set

Recorded for the 'Helsinki Subconscious' show....

01 : Forensics - Enter
02 : Juakali - Hear them say, instrumental (produced by Forensics)
03 : Juakali - Hear them say (produced by Forensics)
04 : Forensics - Untitled Riddim
05 : Distance - Battle Sequence
06 : ID - Dissonance
07 : Sines - Test Four
08 : Distance - Feel me
09 : Deep Alpha - All Think (Kode9 AlphaDub remix)
10 : Jackie's Army - Murther (Iris Soundsystem remix)
11 : Dub ID - I
Author: Benway - Replies: 1 - Views: 444
Reload- A Collection of Short Stories
I can't stop listening to this recently. Can anyone recommend any techno that is similar to the happier, synthy tunes on this album? Excluding other Reload and Global Communication releases, of course.
Author: firefinga - Replies: 0 - Views: 340
Out in July - Hidden Element "Reload, Replay" on the mighty Alphacut
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