Author: Matt - Replies: 9 - Views: 590
Is there a magic erronerous colon removing fairy???
I swear I just made a post with an errorerous colon but when I went to edit it had vanished!!!
Author: esb - Replies: 15 - Views: 1187
removing 2 second pause in nero 5?
how the hell can i get this default 2 second pause out before a burn?
mixes sound like ass when they are like this. help a duck out here.
Author: Hallifax - Replies: 10 - Views: 984
Removing DC Offset ... ?
I remove all DC Offset on my E-MU just after sampling (DC Filter), then after I record I also remove DC with the Waves X-Hum just to be safe. Seems to make sense to me does anyone else do this (or anything like it) ? Is this a necessary step or just extra time wasted fiddling?
Author: safetyboy - Replies: 4 - Views: 520
Removing the registered details from KONTAKT

like if its installed once and messed up, ill mention no names here!!!

Someone installed it and made a bags and now any time you try and install it, it says its all ready registered and wont install as vst!!

This is a brand new laptop from redsub so reinstalling xp is no option yet Smile
Author: Muttley - Replies: 20 - Views: 3162
Removing "Security Tool" malware
Hi Subverts Wave

So recently I've had a few Trojan alerts on my AVG 8 virus protection software. I chose to "heal" and "remove as power user". Well yesterday I turned my laptop on to find this nasty piece of kit masquerading as true virus removal software. I got immeadiately suspicious, as to activate it you have to pay 49 dollars for it. Paradoxically it says about the alleged malware not accessing your credit card details. I received 47 alerts of worms, trojans and associated, with multip
Author: denaris - Replies: 3 - Views: 335
Removing DRM from audiobooks
I know this is fully illegal and I wouldn't dream of doing it, but for research purposes I need to do it. Simply searching brings up the usual hundreds of dodgy software packages that claim to remove it.

Anyone got a quick & easy method or open source bit of software that would do this?

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