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Email Verification now required to join the board....
due to several people providing email addresses that don't work / exist, or mistyping their email addresses, i've had to enable email activation for any new accounts on the board......

we were getting a few too many emails bounced back to us, and its best to get the measures in place before we have many more mebers

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UltraViolet - ??? - info required
ok it has been brought to my attention that i should know more about the above... which of you lot are in it.. where can i hear tunes, (i maneged to find the dnb arena video link and will check that when i get home).

my interests come from both a promotional and a live dnb luvin stance...

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US planning global-reach missiles: alliesnot required
Author: Blue - Replies: 23 - Views: 989
Breakage's contact details required.
Want to book him for Cargo, can someone Pm me his phone number?

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to enable more people to upload tunes to the beat ranch

who can help ??

ideas / suggestions welcome

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Luke @ Technological Groove - contact required
been trying to get in touch with him to check out how tech groove is getting on

but havent had a reply from him in a couple of months !

anyone got alternative contact details ? (other than luke@technologicalgroove.co.uk)


Scopezombie Xyxthumbs
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Music Required - Get yer CD's in ! - Gig in Germany Nov 29th
Gonna be Final Scratchin' it up in Germany on 29th of this month.

More details to come

this is a request for music for me to play

Send all music of the drum and bass variety to:

258 Nine Mile Ride
RG40 3NT

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeespec' !!

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dee bee one

anyone got his number? need to call him...

muchos thankos

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THE SC LABEL WEBSITE - Brainstorm - Input Required !!
ok so....

littlenemo and i will be working together over the forthcoming weeks to develop the full sc label website.

it will most likely be database driven using a content management system (cms) to allow for easy updating - to ensure the site remains fresh.

it will feature all the standard sections like release schedule, artists bios, tune previews, contact page, news, label information / background, links etc etc

the forum will of course be integrated

but what would you guys lik
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Download Help Required
i've been trying to d/l from inperspectiverecords,com, but keep getting the same message. not sure if it's a browser problem Scratch

internet explorer cannot download bailey-all-night.mp3 from audio.inperspectiverecords.com

the requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found.

you get the jist...

any ideas?


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